pregnant teens - bulging bellies
Click the pic for the pregnant teen from She Got Knocked UP

Boy does she look young to be spitting out a kid!! Young, but dirty and sexy! Enjoy the hot pregnant teen!

Yesterday was Monday. The first Monday of a new month. So I should have felt energized and ready to take on whatever comes my way, right?


I just wanted to hide in my room and play mindless video games and pretend that I have no real responsibilities. Just take one day all for me. Is that so terrible?

As you can tell – I didn’t.. I ended up doing work, and now it’s Tuesday… halfway through the short week….

I think I need to find a stress relief!!

In the meantime, enjoy the pregnant teen pictures!

16 Responses to “Pregant teens – more pics”
  1. Jim says:

    hmm…you need to find a stress relief?? How about if you get pregnant with my baby :-) Then you will have plenty of time to stay home and avoid all that outside stress. 10 years is such a long time to wait. Let’s have our baby now! :-)

  2. Barry says:

    So is this stress reliever going to be human or toy?
    Rent a motorcycle and ride in the country, why let the license go to waste.
    Is the KariSweet site really no nudes?
    Was the request for questions a one time thing or is the offer still good?

  3. Brak-in-Black says:

    In the second to last photo, I thought Pregnant Teen had another fetus gestating in her ass, until I realized that was a pink pillow against the wall.

    Yes, unwanted pregnancies ARE “dirty and sexy”, not to mention “hot”. And while she MAY prove to be a good mother, I still think someone should periodically be checking the dumpster behind her apartment.

  4. Kaori says:

    Jim: That just sounds like MORE stress!! Every mother I’ve seen has always looked frazzled!! ^_^

    Brak: Gestating in her ass?? ewwwwwwwwwwww…
    that dumpster comment however was definitely humerous :)

  5. Kaori says:

    Barry: Oops – your comment somehow got in the spam box!
    I do believe KariSweets is only non-nude… if anyone knows different, let me know! :)
    As for the motorcycle, sounds good… really good! But I’m afraid my skills have already gone to waste.. I think I need to take a refresher course first!!!
    as for the questions… hummm… sure.. bring ’em on! :)

  6. NECKICE says:

    K — I am so happy you are beginning to feature women of the Lehigh Valley on this site.

  7. Seamus says:

    I think you are hot pregnent and I would love a picture of you with only black nylons on and legs spread. I find that pregnent young girls and pregnant women make the best lovers and they turn me on.

  8. Stud says:


  9. prashant says:

    i love u r body…u are hot and sexy.
    i like to fucke u…….

  10. rape says:

    die w├╝rde ich ja soooo gerne mal vergewaltigen

  11. pregnant sara says:

    very hot i am rubbing myself

  12. bob says:

    not quite as hot as my step sister, she’s now eight months pregnant at the age of 14, and damn is she hot!!!

  13. TBoneZ says:

    Kaori I have see Some Kari Sweets nude pics I actually got a pic off a Ares FileShare Program search. I also have searched for it on a search engine and she does appear nude on selective sites.

  14. tony says:

    ur hot love prego

  15. BAJO says:

    Bob.. pictures of this step sister? lol

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