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It’s a great update!I just scanned through the movie.. LOTS of amateur, drunk girls sucking off strippers :) They no longer heavily utilize the ‘professionals’ that they were using in their earlier movies :)…
The only bad parts of this update feature a rather ‘heavy-set’ girl, who looks to be stoned on “E”.. She takes her shirt off rather early in it, and it stays off the entire time :)
Thankfully, she’s only in 1-2 minutes of the 30 minute update :)

Girls licking partyhardcore stripper!
Amateur sucking partyhardcore stripper!

As I mentioned earlier, one girl comes and ‘saves’ her friend…. This is the girl who gets saved, and the girl in the red is the girl who ends up dancing with her pants off while being groped :)

Amateur sucking partyhardcore stripper!

Hee hee hee, that being said, this girl goes the whole way!! :) I remember one of their past episodes, they had a girl who was pretty much drunk off her feet… She fell down a few times, and ended up lying on a table with her legs spread, getting screwed as she moaned in drunken pleasure… Once it was done, she needed her friends to help walk her out of the club (or to the washroom)… It was pretty funny! I doubt she even remembers it!! :)

Amateur sucking partyhardcore stripper!

That’s it for this update!! It was definately a nice one!! One of the girls had a MMF threesome, but, I think she was paid :(…

partyhardcore link

9 Responses to “Partyhardcore – Mar 28 2005”
  1. Kaorifan says:

    Hi Kaori Darling, you ever took part in these kind of parties :)

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  3. hua says:

    i know this , it is from czech republic, and i thing this partys are in some little towns, where they have them once o aweek… really crazy

  4. hua says:

    in Prague you allso find this clubs, as i see the girls dont know the there will be someone taking foto and then publish them in net…pure gir;s

  5. Kaori says:

    Wow! Thanks for that info Hua! That’s amazing!!!!!!!!!

  6. hugo.termix says:

    Hi guys :o)

    I am from Czech republic and I can confirm, those parties are real, sure, a few (3-5) girls are paid, by another ones are really common girls from public.
    The company, which made movies like this has a big problem in Czech republic now because a lot of girls participed on partyhardcore issued criminal complaint to them. So these parties are PROHIBITED in Czech now. This is the reason, why anybody from Czech can’t see the new parties from internet.
    If question, be free to contact me.


  7. […] Originally this blog was going to be dedicated to girls with male strippers – Loverboys, Partyhardcore, etc, until I realized that I don’t live a crazy enough life to publish many stories, and that there isn’t enough content to have a new gallery daily – short of violating many, many copyrights, and posting all the partyhardcore and loverboys pictures for free.. which I’d love to do, but would get in WAY too much trouble for! ^_^ […]

  8. Mike says:

    heavy set chicks are cool? whats the big deal? Nicer bigger boobs, whats wrong with that?

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