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Okay guys, in honour of the wedding I attended on the weekend, I’ve decided to post some dirty Partyhardcore pictures!!!! Partyhardcore has now taken over as the leading male strippers seducing drunk girls website now that loverboysusa has slowed their release schedule a bit….. Partyhardcore is always a hit!
BTW – in case you’re curious, I didn’t attend a bachelorette party on the weekend.. I was just invited to the ceremony!

Anyways, Summer is wedding season. As I mentioned, I was at a wedding…..

It was actually one of the more enjoyable weddings I’ve been to, because the groom, who I knew prior to the wedding date, is a goofball, and as it turns out, the bride, who I met the day of the wedding, is also a goofball. There was much entertaining giggling and hamming during the ceremony and reception, which kept the mood light and fun. Instead of having the groom and groomsmen wait at the front of the church while the bridesmaids and bride enter down the aisle, everyone had a turn walking down the aisle, and when the groom entered, he waved his arms around as if he were a boxing champ approaching the ring for a fight. When we got to the “speak now or forever hold your piece” bit, the groom raised his eyebrows at the assembled crowd, shook his fist a little, and the bride made that little “cut” slashing motion at her neck. Booze flowed freely at the reception, setting the stage for the stories that were told in the name of entertainment during toasts – the groom described the first time the bride met his parents, his father had had a few beers in him, and had essentially told her that “though his son may not have much money, at least he’d never beat her”. The groom then thanked his new wife for sticking around. After dinner, there was dancing, and dancing, and dancing – after the reception itself closed down, the party was moved to the bar next door.

I think everyone had fun, which is what these things are all about, right? Oh, and the happy couple embarking on a new and exciting journey together. Nah, scratch that, it’s just an excuse to have a big party.

It still wasn’t as exciting as the Partyhardcore gallery from above… but it was fun ^_^

5 Responses to “Partygirls get drunk and fuck and hen party – Partyhardcore”
  1. IFuckAmy says:

    Kaori: Why didn’t you attend a bachelorette party? Ah, you went to the bachelor party!!!

  2. Jim says:

    Would you rather have a big expensive wedding or a low cost one & spend the money on a really nice honeymoon?

  3. Jim says:

    Is it true that mylie’s phone was hacked to get the pics? Or,was it just some disgruntled X of hers who took them with and posted them? If someone hacked your phone would we see some nude kaori shower pics?? :-)

  4. CS says:

    I don’t understand how it could be a phone hack.. It would’ve been someone close enough that the phone was in Bluetooth range for a while. More likely a hack of some sort of online account, myspace, facebook people don’t tend to make those passwords too cryptic.

  5. Kaori says:

    IFA: Wasn’t invited!

    Jim: Ummmmm… that’s a very good question! I think the big expensive one!!!
    As for the iphone, that’s the rumour!! I’m not 100% sure though!

    CS: Could have been active bluetooth, or maybe just stolen and password hacked… I thought that Paris Hilton’s was semi-hacked.. everything on the phone also goes on a website, and the website was hacked?? not sure! ^_^

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