asian girl gets dp'd
asian girl gets dp'd
asian girl gets dp'd
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Well, I’ll talk more about Greek tonight, and too celebrate, a BETTER greek style gallery – that last one was just lame :) Here’s a fresh gallery I made JUST for you! I KNOW you all love Asian girls, and I know a lot of guys love anal, so, here’s a japanese girl getting anal :)
She’s actually getting double penetrated, but they didn’t have many good pictures of that..

On a different tangent, I like grilled octopus.

I must admit, I’m a bit skittish when it comes to trying new things. Generally speaking, if I can’t identify something, I’m not willing to try it. My father always gives me a hard time, saying, “Where’s your sense of adventure?” Well, one time I actually let his ribbing get to me and tried something I couldn’t identify. I did choose a rather silly place to do this – we were at a Chinese restaurant having a multi-course dinner. Anyway, there was this dish, with stir fried green things (a relative of broccoli, I think?), little triangular bits of meat that were paleish with a rather vivid red colouring around the edges, and white translucent-looking bits that sort of looked like they might be squid. No one could identify the mystery meat-like bits. My mother asked one of the waiters, but he didn’t know the word in English, so he pantomimed – he put the palms of his hands together and then opened them up at the fingers, keeping the heels of his hands together.

My mother looked at this and said, “Oh, it must be clam!”, referring to the triangular things. Since the triangular things had been deemd clam, I figured the white things were likely to be squid. I tried one. I chomped down, and realized immediately, this is not squid. Turned out to be a deboned duck foot – one of my less traditional cousins was oh-so-kind enough to pick one up and splay out the webbing to show me. The triangular things were duck tongues.

Experiences like that one make me skittish on trying unidentifiable things. If I can identify something, I often will pass judgment on whether I should try it or not depending on what it is. Octopus is one of these things. I was wary of eating something that has tentacles and sucker pads on it. Yes yes, I know, squid has that too, but in fairness to me, I don’t eat the tentacles – just the smooth flesh. So last year, when I was out to dinner with a group at a Greek restaurant and we were all sharing many many plates and someone said we should have the grilled octopus, I got nervous. I took a small piece, largely out of politeness, since we were a crowd but small enough of a crowd for people to notice if I didn’t try something, and I didn’t want to seem rude.

I really, really liked it! When the plate came around again, I happily took more.

Yesterday, I told you about the similar group dinner at a Greek restaurant – Philinos. We were actually trying to go to the place we had been to the year before, but apparently Philinos is not that place. Oh well, no matter. The food was good (but super pricey!) and the grilled octopus was no exception. We had boatloads of stuff – calamari, grilled oyster mushrooms, grilled vegetables, stuffed vine leaves, tzatziki, mussels, spanakopitas, grilled cheese, some other dippy-type things, the most amazing pita bread ever (I’m sad I only got one piece), Greek salad. It was soooooooooooooooooo good.

Would I ever go back? Probably not – even though I was happy with the food, I was not happy when it came time to pay the bill.

But still, it’s official – I like grilled octopus. :)

Today I had soup… and a sandwich…

4 Responses to “Octopus and Japanese anal sex”
  1. Jim says:

    hi Kaori,octopus and squid are quite popular over here because of the asian influence in this part of the world. Squid is tasty yet,i feel sorry for the octopuss so i dont like to eat them. They are highly intelligent and peaceful creatures. About the duck toungues,and other strange oddities..i dont think i would follow your dads advice on “a sense of adventure” i would rather know.. in advance what im about to taste so i dont end up eating sheep testicles heh.

  2. Brak-in-Black says:

    I went to a great Lebanese restaurant with friends once – real good, authentic food made by good, authentic Lebanesianites. I had the Baba Ganouj and Hummus, my friend Marc had some incredible Tabbouleh and Kibbeh Nayee (to die for), my roommate Chris had Baked Kibbeh (kibbeh bel-saneeya) along with some excellent Chateau Kefraya (lebanese wine that’s out of this world), while my other friend Diane had a grilled cheese sandwich.

  3. Kaori says:

    Hey, do the preview pictures work for any of you guys using IE???

    I’d enjoy trying some ‘less nasty’ meat… For example, I wouldn’t mind trying tiger!! Or Zebra, or something else exotic :)
    Duck is good.. but.. tongue? blech

    Brak: I like Lebanese as well, but, I can’t say I regonize much of what you typed :) Normally I go for lunch and get Falafels :)

  4. NECKICE says:

    I once dated a Lebanese girl. Talk about eating the hummous! Well — actually Jeannette was a frigid bitch. Ah well,,,,

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