Teen nude art - slutty picture
Click the pic for a artsy-nude gallery!

Okay – Met-art is another ‘artsy’ nude site.. Some of the girls look a little TOO young for me.. Not quite as young as the Texas Twins, or Chloe18
But still.. young!!
(BTW – if you like the Texas Twins, you might like the Simpson Twins, and the Milton Twins)

Anyways, I just put a new memory foam mattress topper on my bed. You know those infomercials that come on TV that show people tossing and turning throughout the night, followed by images of peacefully slumbering folks getting plenty of rest on a Tempurpedic mattress? Made of space-age memory foam developed for NASA?

Yes, I am a sucker for advertising. I think we already established that. ^_^

Well, I can’t shell out for the Tempurpedic bed (those things are ginormously expensive!) but the foam mattress topper should hold me over – a layer of memory foam that you just place on top of your mattress, then put the sheets on over top.

I think I need for find a sugar daddy…

Anyways, it’s so soft. I’m wondering if getting out of bed tomorrow might be downright impossible. Hoo boy!

I’m glad i put it on my Xmas list!! ^_^

Enjoy the adult pics up top!!!

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