Many drunk women get fucked
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Okay guys – can you guess what site this is from?? I’ll give you a hint, it’s part of the Partyhardcore web of sites!!!!!!! It’s a free gallery from DrunkSexOrgy – a site where they pay aspiring porn actresses to get drunk, and get fucked in a giant orgy… Not quite as intimidating as 15 on 1, but still pretty good!

Anyways, today I arrived home to discover a package had been delivered to me. It was a box, so I knew that it wasn’t going to be another demand for information pertaining to previous taxation years. I wasn’t expecting any yarn. So what could it be?

Turned out to be my new USB adapter for the iPhone – you know, to replace the one that it came with, which as it turns out is defective in that people are experiencing issues where the prongs stay stuck in the wall outlet when you try to unplug it. I haven’t had that particular issue, but it’s nice to not have to worry about that sort of thing. I knew what it was from the shipping label, and sure enough, when I opened it and waded through all the packaging, there was my shiny new adapter, complete with the little green dot to indicate that it’s not one of the defective ones. Good thing, too – my iPhone ended up needing to be charged last night, so I swapped out the adapters to do it. The old defective one is now sitting on my kitchen table, next to the box that will serve as the vessel in which this will be returned, at no expense to me, because, you know, the original was defective.

I do find it a bit strange that they sent the thing in such a large box, though. Seriously, the adapter is small enough to fit inside my clenched fist (and I don’t have a very big fist!), but the box is big enough to comfortably hold, oh, about ten Mars Bars. The adapter itself was nestled in between three layers of foam – two for vertical cushioning, one with a square cut out of the middle of it to control lateral movement. Did the box really need to be this big? Aren’t smaller boxes cheaper to ship? Not that it affects me any, I’m not paying for any of this. It just all seems so inefficient though.

Not that I can claim to be the queen of efficiency. Instead of working away like a good girl for the past few minutes, I’ve been procrastinating by typing this up. No more, though – now to get back to a little more late night work!

Well, maybe I’ll surf a little bit first…

Enjoy the drunksexorgy gallery!!!

7 Responses to “Many drunk women get fucked”
  1. CS says:

    Procrastination FTW! 3x Multiplier if your stumbling.

  2. Jim says:

    You better take care of your tax mess before someone shows up at your door with a a shiny new gift of silver bracelets for your pretty lil..wrists! :-)

  3. Kaori says:

    CS: Hummm….

    Jim: No thanks! I wouldn’t do well in Jail!!

  4. CS says:

    I love the RSS comment title for this post.

    “Comment on Many drunk women get fucked by Kaori.”

    If only it where true, such a sight that would be.

  5. jordan says:

    add me on msn pls i would like to get to know you and there will be atreat for you aswell xx

  6. mazza says:

    so horny tonite my girl heavy preg – site here got me off did the job – would like to be fuckin these women steada jerkin off but least I shot my fuckin load off over and over -now sleep………

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