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Okay guys – nobody commented when I text linked Little Lupe‘s last gallery – so now I’m gonna include a preview picture… I would have thought you’d be all over this sexy little latina!!! Little Lupe isn’t a tease like most of the single girls you’ll find nowdays… Instead Little Lupe has hardcore sex with multiple partners, lesbian sex with other sexy young starlets – and of course, big toys… None of that boring stuff like Realpeachez and Joon Mali

Little Lupe does it all, so enjoy!! :) (Sorry about the speed btw – they JUST launched the Little Lupe site a day or two ago.. still working out the kinks!!)
Same people that bring you Chloe18, TexasTwins, LittleApril, TeenTopanga, etc!

15 Responses to “Little Lupe”
  1. Brak-in-Black says:

    That’s an…er…how to put this delicately?…that’s a REAL OUTTIE there on Little Latin Lupe Lu. Seriously, K, that’s gotta be some of the large intestine sticking out, right?

  2. Jim says:

    Not much in the Kaori adventure dept tonight. I bet your out on the town with the drunk friends in tow again. :-)

  3. Uncle Deercamp says:

    Yikes. That poor girl needs a sandwich.

  4. Thomas says:

    I agree with Uncle Deercamp. This girl doesn’t need to get fucked, she needs to got feeded

  5. Barry says:

    Lupe’s very cute but she needs about 2 years and 10 pounds. Outies are fantastic.

  6. Sean says:

    Oh come on now… I can’t believe all this anti-anorexia commentary! I thought malnourished African children were all the rage in the pages of Hustler and Playboy these days! One has to wonder if malnourished underweight Latinas are going to be the next “girls next door”!!!


  7. New Holland says:

    Im afraid ill have to agree with Barry…although i would be thinking more years and more pounds to add 😉

  8. Jim says:

    In search of kaori………! No new blog for today huh..??

  9. Uncle Deercamp says:

    Maybe she just needs a dick sandwich. That’ll put some meat on her bones.

  10. Kaori says:

    Brak: I assume you’re not talking about her Belly Button?

    Jim: Out on the town both nights! Heheh.. Now I gotta go eat a big breakfast too!

    Uncle: Sandwich, dick sandwich… she definately partakes in some sausage on her site!

    Thomas: Isn’t a nice, little, 80 pound teen easier to spin around for bedroom antics?

    Barry: She is ultra young looking.. I have another gallery of her I’ll put up soon that I actually have a big warning about..

    Sean: Well – this girl is from the same people that bring you all those other ‘girl next door’ sites… soooooooo :)

    New Holland: Humm.. I wonder if you’ll like the girl I’m posting today?? She’s also really thin, but very, very cute…

    Jim: Coming right up! :)

    Uncle: I wonder if all girls think ‘I could be thinner’, and all guys prefer a little meat?

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  12. LUCKY says:



  13. Kevin says:

    Baby can i hit it plz….

  14. Kevin says:

    U want 2 fuck!!!! XD

  15. joe says:

    This girl needs my cock up her ass

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