Lesbian Sunny Leone
Click the pic for a hot, hardcore gallery of sexy Sunny Leone in a lesbian pornstar gallery!!

Okay guys, I posted a hardcore Sunny Leone about a week ago – now it’s time to watch Sunny have lesbian sex!!! I hope you enjoy!! I’ll be posting another Sunny Leone “fucking” gallery soon..

Anyways, the end of another semester approaches. I can’t believe it’s nearly here, and to be honest I’m having a wee bit of panic about that. But I’m also looking forward to it, because I’ve got a nice set of rewards lined up for myself, even if the rewarding is a bit on the premature side.

First up – a weekend in Vancouver. I will enjoy sumptuous sushi dinners and amazing bubble tea with jelly. I’m salivating just thinking about it. Kingyo Izakaya, here I come! The best sushi I’ve found in North America is in Vancouver….

Second up – a Las Vegas getaway. Four nights of my own brand of timid, conservative slot play, along with some shows, some shopping, some sightseeing, and a trip to M&M World to restock on those awesome chocolate cherry M&Ms. If I’m lucky – very lucky – I may even come out ahead at the slots!

Third up – and perhaps most excitingly – I’m going to Paris for nine days. I’ve never been to France before, and I’ve wanted to go for years. Ideally, I’d go for much longer and see much more than just Paris, but I’ll take what I can get!

I’m so excited about the next couple of months that I can barely sit still. That being said, I should probably set myself some work-related goals and dangle these trips like carrots in front of me – get x amount done before Vancouver, get y amount done before Vegas, get z amount done before Paris. That would be the responsible thing to do.

It would also keep me from squandering my days poring over tourism sites…..

Eitherway, enjoy the Sunny Leone lesbian gallery!!!

5 Responses to “Lesbian Sunny Leone”
  1. IFuckAmy says:

    Wow! A wealthy student! What do you do on the side! Run a porn site?

  2. CS says:

    That’s what I was thinking. 3 trips your rolling in dough. I’m lucky for one a year.

  3. mitcHell says:

    Hey K, I requested a fansign from baileysroom. can you let me know who to ut on it?

  4. Nine KilogramHamma' says:

    I demand more pics o’ you!

  5. Kaori says:

    IFA: Hahahah, I wish I was wealthy.. I bought a ‘Great Escape Flight Pass’ Total flight cost of all trips – $900 Canadian.

    CS: Heh, and I know how to rack up credit cards!!

    mitcHell: Just my usual – ‘I Love http://www.MyXXXBlog.Com!!!’ thanks! ^_^

    Nine: Ummm.. Mitchell… your gravatar gives you away :)

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