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Okay guys – again I’m bringing you one of the hottest, best websites on the market!!! 1By-Day features the most attrative European Pornstars in ultrahardcore action!! (I’m not kidding about ultrahardcore – lots of double penetration, occasional watersports (ewww), big toys, and ultra closeup hardcore shots)… It’s great seeing these sultry European babes getting that nasty!!! They’re mostly pornstars from Prague and the Ukraine…

Anyways, the countdown is on….

2007 is drawing to a close. 2008 is fast approaching.

Which means that the season for New Year’s Resolutions is upon us.

I’m sure I’ve blogged about New Year’s Resolutions before. I never know what to make as mine, but feel compelled to try to make one anyhow. Even though I know that pretty well all New Year’s Resolutions are broken within the first month, if not the first week, of the new year! So I’m thinking about what sort of thing would make for an appropriate New Year’s Resolution for me for 2008. Should I pledge to be a better person? To cook more? To complain less? To lose five pounds? To maintain a regular exercise program? To spend less money on frivolous items? To volunteer? To follow a healthier sleep schedule?

I will have to ponder these options over the next couple of days. In all seriousness though, I think a more suitable and attainable one would be something along the lines of pledging to become an ultimate Guitar Hero III super rock star. ^_^ (One of my friend’s brothers got it as a Christmas gift for his Wii, and he’s a nice kid so he let me have a few turns on it the other day. Very fun. Me wantee.) ^_^

I realize that most of you are going to suggest I post more pictures of myself on a regular basis – as I do plan to post them on a more occasional basis!! (After all, I’m not content!!) ^_^

Enjoy the European lesbian pornstar gallery!

I highly recommend checking out this link for another site by the same people!! – handsonhardcore! You’ll like the asian babe!! (same link as above)

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5 Responses to “Kissing Girls – European Lesbians”
  1. NECKICE says:

    My New Year’s rez — to become the best at Missal Command. and to please you more often.

  2. Operative TSS says:

    Mine is to actually get some work done around the house…so many unfinished projects…. ;_;

  3. NECKICE says:


  4. Brak-in-Black says:

    For my New Years Resolution, I pledge to help those less fortunate than myself, treat those around me with respect and kindness, and to strengthen my relationships with family and friends so that I may continue to enjoy this most precious gift of life we’ve all been given. Oh, and to take Hayden Pannetiere’s virginity. Preferably while playing Missal Command.

  5. Kaori says:

    Neckice: Yes – focus on having more control of YOUR missile rather than one on the computer!!! Less time with a joystick!!!

    Operative: Eek!! That sounds like too much work!!!

    Brak: At first I didn’t realize who Hayden was – and then I read a story about her surfing in to the way of a Japanese fishing trawler to stop them from slaughtering dolphins… Doesn’t sound too safe!!! Does she realize that she’s NOT actually invincible?

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