Heya guys!

I’m just watching a neat porn movie I downloaded a while back from Unseen Japan! It features a couple of sexy Japanese twins!! And not just Japanese twins posing… They give blowjobs, have sex, and have all sorts of fun!

I took a couple of screenshots for you 😉 Unfortunately these asian babes ONLY do censored films – but there’s tons on Unseen Japan that don’t….

Here are the pics!

sexy japanese twins sex

Cute japanese twins

Japanese twins!

Anyways, I figured I’d get your appetite wetted! The ONLY free porn gallery I could find from the site was here… It’s also a couple of Japanese lesbians going down on some lucky guy! :)

(for the lazy, the free movie gallery is here

4 Responses to “Japanese twins”
  1. Dursun says:

    Are these the famous Japanese twins Fuk Mi & Fuk Yu ?

  2. Kaori says:

    I think they use a more simplistic naming system:
    Fuk Mi, and Fuk Mi 2

  3. Godsmack says:

    Airi. And Meiri.

  4. mr black says:

    twins are so fucking hot mostly japanese ones their the hottest

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