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Okay guys, this hot Chinese pornstar is named Lucy Lee. There’s also a European pornstar that goes by that name – it’s a bit confusing for google ^_^… Chinese Lucy Lee is one of the ‘kinkier’ pornstar. In some of her videos and picture sets, if you look close, you can see cigarette burns on her back and bum!
Chinese Lucy Lee *loves* pain.
European Lucy Lee loves anal and group sex….
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Chinese Lucy Lee just had her breasts enlarged a few years ago.

To be honest, I preferred her natural look to her fake breasts…

Anyways, I noticed that something didn’t look right to me today when I went to check the time. I put my watch on backwards this morning. I think that’s actually a first for me. There have been close calls in the past, but I’ve always noticed as I’m putting the thing on.

Today I didn’t. And when I looked, I first thought my watch had stopped. Then I saw that the second hand was still moving, and then I noticed that the numbers weren’t in the right places.

Apparently, I’m a little tired….

Anyways, enjoy the Asian Lucy Lee hardcore anal gallery here!

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