Hot slutty chinese babe has anal sex
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Okay guys, this hot Chinese pornstar is named Lucy Lee. There’s also a European pornstar that goes by that name – it’s a bit confusing for google ^_^… Chinese Lucy Lee is one of the ‘kinkier’ pornstar. In some of her videos and picture sets, if you look close, you can see cigarette burns on her back and bum!
Chinese Lucy Lee *loves* pain.
European Lucy Lee loves anal and group sex….
Chinese Lucy Lee has just started doing anal.
Chinese Lucy Lee just had her breasts enlarged a few years ago.

To be honest, I preferred her natural look to her fake breasts…

Anyways, I noticed that something didn’t look right to me today when I went to check the time. I put my watch on backwards this morning. I think that’s actually a first for me. There have been close calls in the past, but I’ve always noticed as I’m putting the thing on.

Today I didn’t. And when I looked, I first thought my watch had stopped. Then I saw that the second hand was still moving, and then I noticed that the numbers weren’t in the right places.

Apparently, I’m a little tired….

Anyways, enjoy the Asian Lucy Lee hardcore anal gallery here!

7 Responses to “Hot slutty chinese babe has anal sex”
  1. Jim says:

    Fake boobs can look good in clothes & usually lousy when naked. About the backwards watch,i think your brain is trying to tell you to move to a warmer tropical climate to soothe and re-charge the brain cells :-)

  2. Jim says:

    Do you tend to be more like your father or mother concerning health issues? How long does your fathers side of the family tend to live? Are your grandparents on his side still alive? You do have one plus…& that is being “female” Hopefully,you didnt inherit too many health problems from your father. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Barry says:

    She doesn’t really do it for me. She gets points for the hair and not huge breasts. Are you having issues? Many anal galleries lately. You wanna hurt someone?
    I had the breakouts in my elbow pits and the doctor said it’s just the way allergies manifest sometime. Zero data from that input.
    My watch doesn’t close right when I put it on backwards so I catch it quickly.

  4. mitcHell says:

    Pres Obama had his first foray (I cant think of the right term) into a foreign country as President today! Guess where he went?

  5. Uncle Deercamp says:

    Can you please, Please, PLEASE post an andi pink gallery for me?

  6. mario says:

    I’m pretty sure Lucy Lee is Korean. I also remember reading a while back that she was in prison for something…she’s a feisty girl so I’m not surprised lol.

  7. Kaori says:

    Jim: Yup – I agree about the fake boobs… It’s too bad though.. And too bad there can’t be a magical pill that enlarges them!!!
    As for my health – more like my mother I think… My father’s mother is still alive.. and really old – she had him when she was in her late 40’s… She’s in her 90’s now… but the rest of his family died young!

    Barry: Yes, I’m a little stressed right now :) As for my allergies, I’m not sure it’s just allergies.. I think it’s some sort of infection!

    MitcHell: Read all about it! He landed in Ottawa! I guess that’s kind of cool, but also interesting on how politicians have to play the game… EG: had he visited China first, I’m sure we would have been upset!!!

    Uncle: For sure – I’ll get one going in the next week!!

    Mario: Yeah, actually she does look Korean! And now that you mention it, I remember her being Korean as well.. She just dropped off the face of this earth for a while.. probably Prison as you say :)

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