Hot Naked Amateur Asian
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Okay guys, here’s a hot, amateur asian with a nicely shaved pussy!!! She’s not a pornstar, so I hope you enjoy it even more!!! I’m not sure if she’s Chinese, Korean, or Japanese…

Anyways…. Gummilicious!!!!

The candy aisle at Costco is a dangerous place – all those tubs of gummies, so cheap! I know I’ve mentioned before about the probably dangerous and a wee bit frightening stash of gummies I keep. Of course, I’m not chowing down on gummies all the time. Mostly they hibernate, and then once in a while I’ll remember something, either by stumbling upon it as I search for something else, or because I actually have a hankering for that gummy. Then I dig them out, enjoy some, and then they go back into hibernation. I’ve got gummies in my stash that have been there for three years. It’s candy – it never goes rotten!

This stashing habit, though, has allowed me to learn something – I don’t like fresh gummies. They’re too soft. They practically fall apart in your mouth. I imagine it’s like eating overripe fruit. Blech! So when I get a new tub of gummies, I like to open it once, then reclose it and stash it. The seal is never as good as it was when it came off the factory line, so over time, air does its thing, and those gummies toughen up a bit. Bagged gummies? I stash them as they are, once I’m ready for them I open the bag up and leave them open overnight.

The result? Gummies that are chewier – offering more resistance to your eager teeth. The flavour just seems better this way too.

Om nom nom.

Enjoy the amateur Chinese or Korean babe here!

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