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So, one of the buildings I work in has implemented power saving measures in the restrooms – well, I know about this for certain in the women’s, I haven’t exactly checked out the men’s, nor do I intend to do so. Yurk.

Anyway, they have motion detectors in the washrooms that are connected to the lights. Activate the detectors, and the lights are on to usual levels. When no motion is detected for a period of time, probably on the order of five minutes or so, the lights dim. You’re not plunged into darkness, but it’s probably about a third of the usual lighting level in there.

I’m actually pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before, because colleagues have noticed that often, one person is not sufficient motion to turn the lights fully on – you can walk in, dance all around in there, and still the lights stay dimmed. We’re all used to it, we joke about it.

Earlier this week, though, I walked in there when the lights were dimmed, and they brightened up right away. I was the only one in there.

That one time, I was significant enough to activate the lights.

At first, it felt good. Like I mattered in the grand scheme of things.

About a half second later, it felt bad. Like I had significantly increased in girth or something, thereby accounting for the increase in my detectability.

At least my clothes still all fit….

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