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Hot blonde Russian teen fucked - Pinky June

Hot blonde Russian teen fucked - Pinky June
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Okay guys, here’s a new site I’m not sure I’ve posted before. It’s called Pinky June, and stars a hot, blonde Russian teen… There’s some lesbian action, hardcore action, and a lot of solo toy action. She’s pretty hot, and nice and dirty. I think you’ll like her.

Anyways, a few months back, I went for an afternoon visit with one of my cousins and her two kids. I used to see her and her daughter fairly regularly, but then things got busier for me at work, and their schedule got busier with preschool, and then my cousin had her second baby, and it had been a while since I’d seen them. So I went for an afternoon.

While I was there, my cousin’s daughter was proudly showing me all the things she’d worked on throughout the previous school year, when she’d been in kindergarten. She showed me pictures she drew and coloured, logs of activities the class had taken on, and pages and pages of her handwriting lessons, taking care to draw my attention to those pages where the teacher thought she’d done an exceptional job with that particular lesson’s letter.

Because she is five and sweet and I am nice, I oohed and ahhed in all the right places – no, her letters were not all perfect and precise, in fact, some of them were pretty unrecognizable, but she’s five, and I find five year olds tend to lack the attention to detail required for neat and tidy handwriting. I did notice, though, in her journals, that I had a really hard time figuring what word was intended – the letters were generally pretty good here, but they made no sense to me. I cast a sideways glance at my cousin, and she explained that the kindergarten teachers weren’t correcting for spelling at all – they were focused on getting the kids to come up with a coherent thought to write down, and then sound the words out to figure out how to write it down.

This struck me as unusual, because I’ve always been a pretty careful speller. I put a pretty high level of importance on spelling things correctly. Sometimes, though, typos slip through – usually because I’ve changed my mind about how I want to phrase something, but fail to remove enough of the old stuff before putting in the new stuff, resulting in an odd sentence. Sometimes, they’re just typos – stupid slips of the fingers that end up producing non-words on the page.

I know sometimes they slip through here – when I catch them, I fix them, but I don’t always catch them. For work documents, though, I try to be extra careful. With work stuff, I want to present the best possible image of me that I can, and I’m pretty sure that’s not possible with misspelled words.

So you can perhaps imagine my distress at learning that this one work document that I toiled away over for months, no exaggeration there, is still plagued with typos. I’ve gotten marked up copies back for my review and correction, and each typo my examiners found is like a punch to the face. I feel deep, heated shame over these errors, despite the fact that in the grand scheme of things, they’re pretty minor.

Maybe I’m just focusing on these to avoid getting to the actual contentful revisions….

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5 Responses to “Hot blonde Russian teen fucked – Pinky June”
  1. Barry says:

    Fixing content doesn’t bother me that’s just info analysis. But I was always taught spelling was critical and I don’t want to be thought of as illiterate. I obsess on using the wrong word (to, too) but the right spelling. Even in emails.
    She’s hot. I wonder if her pussy tastes like an ashtray though.

    • Kaori says:

      Barry: I’m glad that you’re obsessive about spelling… I’ve never really liked ‘text-speak’ in emails… It’s only a little extra effort to spell the word properly!

      Jonny: Hahaha, it was probably the usual 3 or 4 people. which is surprisingly high for ‘amateur’ Russian porn.
      As for your posts, yeah, once a month isn’t enough! Although to be fair, I’m struggly posting 6 posts a week here. I think I’m going to step it down to 5 nights a week…

      Jason: Dirty and CUTE! The best kind!!! Innocent looking, but truly naughty.

      Tex: Finals week sucks!!!!!!!!!
      As for the mixed girl, yeah, she’s *hot*! She looks very familiar too. I wonder if she’s been in a few porn movies? It’ll come to me. My brain is tired from paper revisions….. blech.

  2. I wonder how many people were on the crew at the location, though, because she cannot stop looking back and forth at all of them. Very cute, though.
    I really appreciate the effort you put into writing clean copy on your posts. It’s one thing that keeps me coming back to yours. I wonder what it would take to make me go back to mine.

  3. Jason says:

    Dirty little Russian slut… the best kind.

  4. Tex says:

    so nothing to do with this post or gallery, just too lazy to send a proper email (it is finals week). In my procrastination time (guess what else it rhymes with :-D) I found a gallery of this really hot mixed girl. I think she must be descended from a quadroon.

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