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Anyways, I’m starting to feel it….. Fear…

I’m feeling some time and deadline related pressure about a long-term project.

It sends chills down my spine.

That being said, rather than deal with it, or take steps to try and lighten some of this pressure, I’ve chosen instead to putz away the past week, knowing full well the approaching deadline.

I don’t know why I do this.

I wonder if I will spend some time tomorrow setting myself up so that I can attempt to drown my woes in cupcakes…..

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8 Responses to “Homemade pictures of teen girls”
  1. Neo says:

    Oh I do it all the time Kaori. And with the internet… procrastinating is easy. But nobody can blame you, it sounds like what you’re doing is not quite enjoyable – so you prioritize the enoyable things first – which is normal for most human beings. For example – Work project vs visit Kaori’s blog – I choose visiting your blog. Work project vs having sex… I choose having sex easily. So you see, don’t think of it as delaying an unejoyable task… see it as you choosing to do more enoyable things first.

  2. Barry says:

    Get it done and then there’s no guilt about putzing around doing nothing. It’s not going away no matter how much you wish it.
    Have you seen the Clone-A-Willy kits?

  3. C-U: Kaori Addict says:

    I’m a fellow procrastinator, cept, I have a varying chain of priorities, so what I’m putting off varies depending on my state of mind.
    I’m serously not into sex toys….
    I rather fuck my newly named best friend who already is in a commited relationship, than resort to sex toys.
    Not that I will, cuz I rather stay a virgin than to possibly ruin a good thing for her. Admittedly… I recently found out that as nice as her bf is… He’s not necessarily the better influence.
    And I’m a bit of a psychopath.
    Or perhaps jus bipolar like my therapist suggests.
    I’ll stick to good old fashioned masturbation wit a helping of porn, as graciously provided by Kaori-dono.
    Btw… I found a shrink ray, so I used it on myself so I could hide in her panty drawer.

  4. IFuckAmy says:

    Okay. On my couch.
    It’s time for a little spanking and mowing.
    Four o’clock?

  5. mitcHell says:

    Please, dont attempt “cupcake suicide”! We need you for our daily free porn “fix!”

  6. mitcHell says:

    [Bouncing] CAN I HELP?

  7. C-U: Kaori Addict says:

    Hehe. Yeah that’s the spirit guys!
    We’ll root for ya Kaori-dono!
    Mehehehe, tho admittedly, I personally thank MitcHell for picking up on your muu moment.
    Still though, eating for comfort is okay, but remember not ta overdo it, I doubt any of us want ya upping your chances of gettin cancer.
    Not to be a downer tho.
    I think you can do superbly on your project!

  8. Kaori says:

    Neo: It *is* easy to surf, isn’t it!! As for doing more enjoyable things first, that’s just dangerous!

    Barry: You make a valid point, but it’s too hard!!! I’ve seen the clone a willy kits… They’re pretty funny.. actually, probably a fun gimmick!! They’d make for a great bachelorette party gift!!!

    C-U: Yeah, probably just a bit bipolar :) Oh well.. Personally, I think porn can be a good aid – assuming it doesn’t warp you!! Personally, I think I’m already way warped!

    IFA: I was there, where were you????

    Mitchell: Cupcake suicide? Mmmmm… that sounds like a pleasant death!!!

    C-U: Eating for comfort…. I don’t want to put on too much weight!!!

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