Hairy Asian Model from MetArt - Yuka
Click the picture to see a hairy asian model from metart – yuka!

Hairy Asian Model from MetArt - Yuka
Click the picture to see a hairy Japanese pussy!

Okay guys, here’s a hot Asian girl named Yuka. She’s a Japanese teen with a natural, hairy pussy. She has a natural ‘Asian’ look to her. Personally, I’m more of a Mariko fan myself – fit Asian teens with shaved pussies. Sort of the ‘Anti-Asian’ look. But, this is for those of you who like the hirsute look. It’s from Met-Art.

Anyway, some time ago, I was cruising around somewhere on the Internet, and found myself reading a thread in a forum about food. I’m not really a foodie, so I can’t rightly remember how I ended up there, but there I was, reading many people’s opinions on various prepared and/or processed food items, and at one point someone mentioned peanut butter, and several jumped on the hating train at that point, posting about how they can’t stand commercial peanut butter because it’s way too sweet – one woman said that it tasted more like frosting to her.

I read all that, and I did a mental eye roll. Frosting? Really? I’m a peanut butter eater – not that regularly, admittedly, but I do eat the stuff on a semi-regular basis, and it has never, ever struck me as being ‘like frosting’. It’s way too salty. It smells savoury, not sweet. It tastes like peanuts, for crying out loud, not sugar.

Skip forward to today. I’m opening a new jar of peanut butter, having finished off the previous one a few days ago, and in doing so I peeled back the paper-foil layer that they paste on top of the jar to seal it, and then proceeded to lick the peanut butter off the seal sample some.

As I did so, out of nowhere, completely unbidden, came the word.


Now, to be perfectly clear, this was not a new-to-me brand of peanut butter – it’s a brand I’ve purchased many times before, in fact it’s the same brand as the previous jar that I just finished off. Also, it didn’t really taste any different from my stored memory of peanut butter flavour.

I was, however, distinctly aware of the sweetness in the flavour this time, and it did indeed remind me of frosting.

That being said, I still like it, and I don’t see myself avoiding future purchases of peanut butter.

I might, however, become inclined to put the stuff on cakes and cupcakes. Would that be weird?
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7 Responses to “Hairy Asian Model from MetArt – Yuka”
  1. Mike says:

    I like this girls face better , mariko had a face that made me think bitchy. Although Mariko had a nice shaved pussy and a bit perkier boobs. A good find I think on both girls. Asian girls have such nice bodies.

    I really don’t recall peanut butter tasting like frosting. Perhaps its just the new jar which hasn’t been violated by air yet.

    Hmm…. You had me really curious as I had watched a segment on a cooking show about making your own peanut butter. You may actually have a case for it as some recipes do call for sugar (and sugar alternatives) in their peanut butter recipes.

    How about peanut butter on your body for some food play ? =p

    I have noticed more baked goods with peanut butter in it.

    • Kaori says:

      Mike: I sort of liked Mariko’s bitchy face. She looked strong and assertive. I think maybe I’m bored of typical Asian looks 😀
      I know someone who makes her own peanut butter. She’s a crazy ‘holistic vegan’ type person.
      Peanut butter doesn’t stick to the body well enough :) Syrups are better!

      Barry: Even my armpit hair? 😀 Too late, it’s gone for ever thanks to lasers!!!!
      Yuka would be prounounced You-ka! Glad you like her though.. I think I had you in mind when I picked her out….
      Almond butter is disgusting. It has no sugar in it….
      I remember when I first saw Spray-on cheese in upstate New York… I was flabbergasted!
      You’re probably right about the familial connection.. But i still think I’m onto something with the ethnic correlation!

      Sean: Especially if braces are involved!!!!!

      Joris: Welcome back! I actually didn’t notice her armpits… For me, armpits have to be smooth…
      I don’t think the met-art Asian models are from Asia.. But I could be wrong….
      I remember that movie… I believe it was sponsored by one of the very big Adult stars in Japan.. I wish I could remember her name… Nothing google won’t fix :)

  2. Barry says:

    You should let your hair grow long again. All of it. You didn’t pronounce her name Yuck-a did you? Attractive, good body and pubes. Fantastic.
    Peanut Butter doesn’t really taste that sweet. I have it everyday at work for break. But maybe you could make a sandwich with 2 pieces of pound cake for the bread, that’s kinda frosting. I now have a plan.
    I always wished they would put peanut butter in the aerosol cans like cheese to make it easier to put on graham crackers or cookies.
    Try the spray cheese on those flower shaped butter cookies, it’s great.

    I have an alternative theory for your “meaty lips big penis theory”. I haven’t seen an ethnic correlation but what about a familial one. How about she has meaty lips her brother has a big penis? And vice versa.

    Moon the monitor before you answer these.

  3. Sean says:

    Yeah, gotta have a clean pussy if there’s going to be any oral.

  4. Barry says:

    Haunted camp out. Thrillvania.

  5. joris says:

    Despite an unshaved pussy, she also has unshaved armpits… But the unshaved armpits actually bother me less than the unshaved pussy… I am curious if this girl can be found on other sites as well (where does met-art find all these models btw), because if she has also posed for a Japanese site I wonder if you’d see a big difference. If you see girls on Japanese sites they mostly pose as these innocent child-women, and this women comes across a lot more mature than how you see Japanese women pose on Japanese porn/erotica sites. Speaking of the Japanese porn industry, in 2010 there was a film released named “損才ぼăȘă„ć„łăŸăĄ” (nameless women) based on a non-fiction book by the same name about women in the Japanese adult industry.

  6. Mike says:

    Mariko does have that face. In my head, shes the type that would tie a guy up. Not that there is anything wrong that either =p haha when No doesn’t mean no. It can be a lot of fun if the night ends in a happy ending.

    That’s crazy, I think the only reason why I’d want to make my own food is because I can control how awesome it tastes =p Customized. I’m also finding nowadays pre-made foods don’t taste as good as they used to. Stuff like Coca Cola gummy candies used to taste like Coca Cola , now they taste like some weird syrup.

    Thank you for the tip =p I’ll remember that , any particular syrups you tried that work best 😉

    I totally agree with your theory and Barrys. Haha so for my future kids I need to find a girl with a giant lips so that my boys would be packing haha

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