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Click the pic for a free hardcore gallery of Nautica Thorn!!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted Nautica Thorn… and I quite like her!! This is a free gallery from allasianpass

Anyways, I have pairs of high-heeled sandals that are really pretty but hard on my ankles. Mainly because I sometimes lose my balance and almost fall from them. Lesson learned: you do not have to really fall off a sandal to break your ankle. Until last year, I would wear these sandals one day and then would need to wear flat shoes for a week or two to recover. This year, however, I have not hurt my ankles even once, and I have been falling off these sandals just the same. I don’t understand why this may be…. Have I built up a massive amount of scar tissue in my healing tendons so that now my ankle just doesn’t bend enough to twist??

OK, that was a thought that occurred to me as I was falling off a step this afternoon….

Eitherway, enjoy the Nautica Thorn gallery!!!

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