Freckled Strawberry Blonde Lesbian
Click the pic for a hot blonde lesbian gallery of Love Abbie and a friend!

Okay guys, here’s that strawberry blonde Jane Krakowski lookalike having a lesbian affair with her teen brunette friend!!!
I hope you enjoy it.. Unfortunately, I don’t have any movies of it…

Anyways, this is about the top 10 of all time..

I went and saw Avatar (No… Not Ass-atar) with a small group today – there were six of us.

We had to buy the tickets in advance online. This was done on Wednesday. We had originally been thinking, on Tuesday evening, that we’d like to see it on Thursday, but upon consulting the theatre’s website, realized that that plan would not work because all of the Thursday showings were completely sold out. After some discussion, we settled on the first showing New Year’s Day.

We arranged to meet up at the theatre an hour and a half before the scheduled show time, before the theatre’s doors had even opened to the public. There were four people lined up outside the door when we got there. We obediently took our place in line. Within half an hour, the line stretched a good forty to fifty people away.

When the doors opened, the guy in line ahead of us, who by the way was a gentleman who looked to be about in his 50s and was entertaining himself during the wait by playing with a PSP while ignoring his wife, saw other people coming in through another door and took off like a shot. It paid off for him – he ended up actually being the first in line at the actual theatre door. Big grin on his face, PSP still in hand, looking to catch a glimpse of his wife who’d been left in his dust. She did manage to locate him once she got to actual theatre door, and she hadn’t been too far behind us, so it’s not as though she was pokey – she just didn’t do the sprint to keep up with him.

The theatre was completely full.

After the movie was over, an interesting discussion ensued. While we all agreed that we had enjoyed the movie, none of us was willing to rate it as one of our top favourite movies. Someone said, If I could only have 10 movies on Blu-ray, this wouldn’t be one of them.

I agreed with that statement, but the next logical step in that line of thought gave me pause. What would those 10 movies be?

This is an exceedingly difficult question to answer. There are bazillions of movies out there, many bad, but also many good, or even excellent, and they vary widely in storyline, cinematography, action sequences, comedy – to pluck a small select few is a pretty tall order. I don’t even know where to start.

Or maybe this is all tied to that not really having a favourite anything thing I’ve got going. I think I’ve managed to figure out a favourite ice cream flavour – Laura Secord French & Frosted Mint FTW! – but ask me about any other absolute favourites, and I’ll probably just go, uhm and then run away with a squirrely look in my eyes….

Enjoy the Love Abbie gallery here!

5 Responses to “Freckled Strawberry Blonde Lesbian”
  1. IFuckAmy says:

    “Or maybe this is all tied to that not really having a favourite anything thing I’ve got going.”

    That explains why you have 20 BFs.

    • Kaori says:

      IFA: Hahaha – or maybe it explains why I haven’t settled down! :)

      Nismo: Yeah, welcome back!!! As for Vanessa, I’ll see what i can find! I have a few already to put up…

      Mitchell: Hahah, you know me.. I’m always a procrastinator!

      Jim: I’ll send them your way!

  2. Nismo says:

    Hey long time I don’t visit. Ur site howseverything been? Hey u should try to put up abbies friend Vanessa. She looks. Hot

  3. mitcHell says:

    When do we see the BETTER (yet still late) photos of YOU, that you promised us on christmas? Hmmmm?

  4. Jim says:

    ” Both of them are Angels ” Like to have both if i may :)

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