Freckled Redhead in the Bathtub
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a freckled redhead teen nude in a bathtub!

Okay, so Love-Abbie might not be a fire-redhead… She’s more of a strawberry blonde… I’m betting that Love-Abbie is actually a ginger who’s dyed her hair blonde. Her bright blue eyes and freckled complexion give her away!! Anyways, she’s gorgeous, and it’s rare that you see someone looking like her doing hardcore.. Click here for Love-Abbie’s tour

Anyways, spammy spam spam…..

I fail to understand why I continue to get spam from American political parties seeking to inform me as an American voter.

I am not American. I have never been an American citizen, nor have I ever attempted to become an American citizen. I have crossed the border between Canada and the US, many, many times, but always as a visitor to the US. I have never lived in the US or worked in the US.

I have never voted in the US, nor have I ever been in a position where one would expect me to vote in the US.

In spite of all this, I keep getting these emails soliciting my non-existent vote.

I wonder how I got on their lists?

Click here for Love-Abbie’s tour

3 Responses to “Freckled Redhead in the Bathtub”
  1. Barry says:

    That’s a good question. The Congresswoman from my district keeps sending me things in hotmail. I’ve never signed up for anything political. I wonder who they’re buying the lists from.
    Love Abbie is attractive and really enthusiastic from the clip on her site. Not one I’d join at first site.

    • Kaori says:

      Barry: That’s even more specific than what I get!!!!! Glad that you enjoy her – but just out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you join?
      Personally, it’s not ‘hard’ enough for me…. She’s attractive, worth posting – but doesn’t have the kink factor that I like…

  2. Barry says:

    She doesn’t have a face that I’d just want to memorize. She has that almost cookie cutter look that I’m supposed to “knee jerk” want to be with. If one of those dicks had been Black she would have went up several points. And blonds are really cliche. Natural ones hot, dyed ones marginal at best. Some times you find one where it fits but not usually.

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