Drunk Women, Male Strippers, Lots of Sex
Click the pic for a hot male stripper with drunken females gallery!!

Okay guys, time for a Partyhardcore gallery… I might post another Partyhardcore gallery tomorrow, and then take a day or two off!!! We’ll see! In the meantime, if you’re looking for male stripper / cuckolding / drunk women pictures, Partyhardcore is the way to go. I do *not* recommend LoverboysUSA anymore… Their content is very, very, very stale!!! They do have a slightly more amateur feel – hen parties, bachelorette parties, but no real updates in a long time!

So I finished up with those work contracts. The next few months are to be dedicated to a long term ongoing project I’ve had in the works that I really, really want to finish up with.

Last week, when I was oh so close to being in this place, where the only thing hanging over me is this one thing, I was excited. I couldn’t wait. I kept thinking it would be nice to be able to focus my energy and be really productive and have something to show for it.

Today? I accomplished nothing. I sat down to start, and just filled up with this sense of dread, and, true to form, I ran and hid from it, in a manner of speaking – I didn’t actually slink under the bed, but I did carefully avoid thinking truly work-related thoughts all day.

I’m going to blame the weather – the calendar says May, and I have an assortment of sandals scattered near the door, all begging to be worn, but the world is not cooperating with my grand plans. I did do some work yesterday. Maybe today was just an anomaly of poor spirits.

We’ll see how tomorrow treats me. Er, well, I guess really that should be how I treat tomorrow.

Enjoy the Drunk Women and Male Stripper pictures here!

7 Responses to “Drunk Women, Male Strippers, Lots of Sex”
  1. Barry says:

    Maybe a little S.A.D going. I wonder if those sunlight lamps work? It’s hitting the 80’s and heading close to 90 down here. Everything’s green and blooming, great time for allergies. Don’t party too hard unless you take pictures to post.

  2. IFuckAmy says:

    K Baby,

    The best way to deal with a difficult situation is a direct attack. Devise a scheme and finish it. Works for me.

    On a serious note, why don’t you just crash in on Barry or Jim and me, of course, whole you take a few days off. Remember to take everything off, too while you’re at it.

  3. Kaori says:

    Barry: It wouldn’t surprise me!!! It’s been a rough winter!!!
    I’m jealous about your temperatures! It sounds nice!

    IFA: Hahahaha, everything off? Hummmm

  4. Neo says:

    Procrastination sucks. I have that problem too. Sometimes I just do everything in my power to avoid working on home projects. I actually enjoy my daywork. The worst is the internet. Before the net, I figure I could avoid work only so much – there was nothign else to do. Now, I can browse till I reach.. the end of the internet. I swear I’ve found it.

  5. Kaori says:

    Neo: I find that sometimes I’ll actually to more work to avoid work then it would have taken to finish doing what I needed to do!
    Humm.. the end of the internet… interesting concept!

  6. Neo says:

    Yeah.. the end of the internet. When you’re sitting there staring at your computer screen and you can’t think of anything else to look at. Even porn. I’ve done it. It was sad.

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