drunk women fucking male strippers
Click the pic for a hot gallery of drunk wives fucking male strippers while their husbands wait at home!

Okay guys, Friday is almost here, I posted IFuckAmy’s amateur asian girl loaned out to black cock pictures yesterday, now it’s time to lead into something along a similar line – Partyhardcore pictures featuring drunk women getting felt up, giving blowjobs to, and getting fucked by male strippers while their husbands wait home alone! Cuckolding, CFNM, and drunken debauchery!!

Anyways, the official first day of summer is just around the corner.

It’s a mainly cloudy day, not too warm, but I still definitely think it’s one of those t-shirt appropriate days seeing how we’re in June…. So I’m wearing a t-shirt with khakis.

My thermostat says that the temperature in here is a pleasant 22 C.

So why am I shivering and swaddling myself in a fleece throw?!?! Where is the summer sun?????

Enjoy the Partyhardcore gallery!

4 Responses to “Drunk wives go too far with male strippers – Partyhardcore”
  1. Jim says:

    The summer sun is right..here every day! And let’s not forget the clear blue ocean,white sand & swaying tropical coco palms!

  2. AmyFucksMe says:

    Kaori: Nothing cures the cold better than swaddling yourself with your bf in hot steaming sex. You’ll still be shivering at the end, but for a memorable reason. You know that. Hey, thanks again.

  3. Brak-in-Black says:

    If you really want a laugh, click on Picture 2 and check out the gut on the woman to the left of the runway. For a split second, I thought this stripshow was held at the 1818 Tavern in Easton PA!

  4. Kaori says:

    Jim: Sounds VERY nice!!!

    Amy: Aside from not having a bf, it’s all good!

    Brak: Humm.. kind of nasty.. I guess fat chicks need fun too?

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