Bachelorette Parties Go Wild at Male Strippers - pictures
Click the pic for a hot gallery of amateur drunk babes fondling male strippers!!-

Okay, as usual, because these are free partyhardcore pics, there’s a little more than fondling of male strippers going on!! Some of the girls are fondling, some are giving the strippers blowjobs, and some are flat out screwing them!!! Of course recently, Partyhardcore has introduced a black male stripper – so you get to see some interracial male stripper sex as well!!!

Anyways, enough about Party Hardcore….. I dislike grocery shopping.

I’m not sure why I don’t like it. But I always put it off as long as I can, and I always think of it as a hassle. It’s always ‘I have to go to the store’, and never ‘I want to go to the store’.

Maybe it’s because a trip to the grocery store always entails some meal planning – I have to think about what I want to cook so that I can buy the necessary ingredients.

Or maybe it’s because I have to haul everything out of the store, into the car, and back into my place again. I sure am glad I have a car. ^_^ I would really be unhappy to be one of those folks who have to carry their groceries on the bus. I’d probably have to go shopping much more frequently too – another minus. I carried groceries on the bus once, and swore to myself that I would never do it again. Never mind that usually I buy more than I can carry in one armload. Now, some places do offer delivery service, but I feel like I’m not supposed to qualify for that sort of thing – there’s nothing wrong with my arms, other than a bit of wimpyness. ^_^

At any rate, I should probably go to the store tomorrow. Which means I have to spend some time figuring out what I should buy. Harumph… Not the way I want to spend a Saturday!!!!

Enjoy the free male stripper gallery from PartyHardcore!!

3 Responses to “Drunk Bachelorette Parties Go Wild at Male Strippers”
  1. Jim says:

    When you go to the store will you pick up another big jug of that artificial nuclear goopy juice that you used to buy? :-) Just got home..3am my time..night!

  2. NECKICE says:

    The pic of the party above reminds me: don;t forget to bring what you all said you were going to bring tomorrow for my Super Bowl Party Kaori: fruit salad; Brak: sporks; Jim: ambrosia; Operative TSS: KY gel. See you all tomorrow at around 5 — Let’s go Pats!

  3. Kaori says:

    Jim: Of course!! Unfortunately, only the green stuff is on sale!!! g’night! What did you get up to?

    Neckice: Hope you liked the guac I bought, and weren’t too upset at the change in menu!

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