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Anyways, with the temperatures falling and winter approaching, letting my hair air dry is not really feasible anymore – unless I like having hair icicles rankling off my head. I remember, many moons ago, waiting for the bus in the cold winter mornings to go to school with my childhood best friend. We were twelve, and she had decided that it was cool to have a shower in the morning before school. Me? I was still having my little girl baths at night before bed. I’m pretty sure I was never one of the cool kids. In any event, she got herself into the routine of washing her hair in the morning, but she wouldn’t dry it – she’d let it air dry. Fine in the summer, doable in the spring and fall, not so much in the winter. I remember her standing there, in the cold, and she’d shake her head and exclaim, “I can hear my hair!” and if I listened closely, I could hear the faint sounds of chunks of ice and hair clacking together.

As much as I enjoy making noise, I’m not someone who enjoys the cold, so letting my hair freeze so that it will make noise isn’t something that will strike me as reasonable. So when the mercury drops, I blow dry my hair. I’m also known to flat iron it – haven’t done that yet since the big chop earlier this year, but I may give it a try soon. The bob is becoming a shag, and I want to see if I can delay the cut by straightening things out.

Last week was really the first time I blow dried my hair this season, and in the interest of protecting my hair, I applied some hair serum before the blast. My head seemed extra itchy after that, which made me wonder if I had developed a mild allergy to the serum. This seems to be something my immune system has decided is the cool thing to do – develop an intolerance to something that had previously been totally fine. I decided the thing to do was test it – I had gotten a different product as a sort of freebie when I bought new shampoo and conditioner, because I had developed a sensitivity to the stuff I’d been using before. So after my most recent shower, I spritzed in a little of this new stuff, then dried my hair exactly the same way I had done before with the serum.

First off, I had the impression that my hair was a bit smoother feeling than with the serum.

More importantly, there is definitely less itching.

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to cycle back to these products that I once used, or if my body is just done with them forever???

Anyways, enjoy the baby-fat teen gallery here!

5 Responses to “Cute young shaved teen with baby fat fucked”
  1. Necto says:

    Planning to start a blog about cosmetics and beauty products ? ^_^

    I might help you with that actually.

    But you’ll probably make less money talking about cosmetics than about porn.

  2. Jim says: use a flat iron?does your hair get all wiggly wild and untamed at the ends sometimes? I was shopping in the fresh orange juice section last night and i couldnt believe my eye’s…! Under the orange juice was a sign saying “New item” Your famed..Tampico! I never thought in a million years your juice would ever be sold here. I was trying to remember if you liked the pink cherry or the orange mango one. I think it was the pink which is what i bought. I got home and tried it and whew…your not kidding is that syrupy! we are talking the viscosity of motor oil! None the less,still quite fruity and tangy with a nice hint of cherry. I was really surprised how much it taste like the fresh squeezed guava juice that drink. The thickness and flavor is almost identical. The watery processed can and bottle guava juice that you can buy there is nothing like the real thing fresh from the fruit that i get here. it is amazing how your tampico taste more like real Guava than lets say,kerns canned watery stuff. Tampico sounds like they should sell taco sauce or salsa or something. I want to re-name it” KAORICO” juice! that has a better it dont you think? :-)

  3. IFuckAmy says:

    Somehow it sounds so sexy when you blow dry your hair.

  4. Necto says:

    Jim: where do you live ?

    • Kaori says:

      Necto: hahah, no, I already have enough on my plate!!!

      Jim: Yup, I have a flat iron.. I use it occasionally!!! The pink cherry is the one I like.. I think it’s pure sugar!! :) Strangely enough, it’s actually not that unhealthy… low calories, not too much sugar!!! Still, your juice sounds better :(.. I love fresh juice!

      IFA: Wouldn’t it sound sexier if I was blow-wetting it?

      Necto: Hawaii!

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