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Cute teen fingered and tongued at doctor

Cute teen fingered and tongued at doctor
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Anyways, sometimes, you put a plan together, and then suddenly things shift, and you have to adapt.

Tonight, I was having friends over, and knew there were going to be four of us eating dinner together. I formulated a plan yesterday for what I would cook for dinner tonight, and what I would cook for dinner tomorrow as well, and grocery shopped accordingly. Except for the part where I forgot a couple of things for the dinner for tomorrow, but that can be remedied. Tomorrow.

Anyway, I had a planned dinnertime of 6:30 in mind, and so I started going through the process of preparing the meal I had planned around 4:30. I got everything cut and prepared and cooked and assembled into the final version, by 5:30, and then I figured I’d wait until it got to be 6 before I put the whole shebang in the oven for the final bake.

And then, the plan changed. A trip to Costco was needed, and the thing about Costco is they have these wonderful roasted whole chickens. So I tagged along on the trip to Costco, and two of these chickens were purchased, along with a tray of crudités and a big bag of russet potatoes. When I got back home, I moved the prepared casserole aside, and hauled out the deep fryer, and made some french fries to go with the chickens, which went into the oven to keep warm until the fries were ready. Naturally, this delayed dinner by a couple of hours – there was the time spent running to and from Costco, plus my prep time once I got back home.

The casserole will be eaten another night. Maybe tomorrow night, in which case I won’t have to make a run to the grocery store for one apple and a bulb of garlic? I’ll have to check to be sure that the ground chicken I bought for my original dinner plan tomorrow night will be okay waiting a bit. I think it’ll be fine.

I’m sure at some point in the relatively near future, I’ll be quite pleased that I have a fully prepared casserole in my fridge, just waiting to be warmed through.

But knowing that you prepared two dinners in one evening is sort of sucky….
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6 Responses to “Cute teen fingered and tongued at doctor’s office”
  1. Jason says:

    Sticking your head through a bed in order to eat a pretty girl? I guess it could work.

    No plan ever survived contact with the enemy.

    • Kaori says:

      Jason: The chicken was a delicious enemy 😀

      Barry: Hah, it will!!! Although I’ll be eating the same thing for lunch and dinner all week…
      Britney. Blech. Herpe filled too.

  2. Barry says:

    That’s not supposed to happen is it?
    You’re way head of the game. A dinner for four should last you all week.

    Brittney’s pussy was not at it’s best. All squished together and then one side pushed up, cut her some slack. And she needed some hair too.

  3. 4hourslave says:

    Hot girl, nice pussy, sexy fantasy! Damn, I haven’t commented in a bit. :)

    Unfortunately, its hard for me to eat from whole roasted chickens. I briefly worked in a deli several years ago, and the process of cleaning them before we cooked them scarred me for life!

  4. Chris says:

    I don’t get the doctor’s office fantasy. That’s the last thing I’m thinking of at the doctor.

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