Cute Japanese Teen Yuka - Big Japanese Breasts
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Okay guys, here’s a hot authentic Japanese porn gallery of a cute Japanese actress with large natural breasts and giant areolas. Now, because it’s a bit of a soft gallery, despite the cute Japanese porn actress, I’ve attached a movie gallery of Japanese girls jogging here. You have to love crazy Japanese porn!

Anyways… Canada gets cold in the winter….

I’ve known this for a long while. I’m used to it. I know it’s coming every year. That doesn’t stop me from moaning and complaining about it though.

This year, though, I’m giving myself a break. I’m going to escape the cold depths of Canadian winter in the second half of December. I’m not going somewhere wildly warmer – it’s not a beach getaway or anything like that – but it should be well above the freezing mark. And I’m not going away for very long – just four nights.

But I have plans now to spend four nights in Las Vegas.

I’m actually really excited. I like Vegas anyway, but I hear the resorts on the Strip really step it up when it comes to the holiday season, with extravagant decorations all over the place, and I’m looking forward to seeing what such an over-the-top glitzy environment considers festive.

I also think it will be a nice break from Canadian winter, but not so long that I have a big shock on re-entry, and it won’t be so warm that I’ll be ridiculously overdressed when the plane lands. Both of those happened the one year we went to Playa del Carmen for two weeks over the winter break. It was cold and snowy leaving Montreal, requiring winter coats, which of course were total overkill upon landing in Cancún. Returning to the cold and snow was also particularly misery-inducing after two glorious weeks on beautiful beaches, completely comfortable in swimsuits.

I think the plan for this year is a good one.

I really hope I’m not wrong…

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Here’s a hot movie of Japanese girls jogging naked!

4 Responses to “Cute Japanese Teen Yuka – Big Japanese Breasts”
  1. Barry says:

    When was the last time you had to run naked?
    Is Carmen a place or a person? It did a weird thing.
    It’s hard to imagine Vegas with more lights. But I bet they do it with style.
    I told you to eat more burgers and fries. Look what they did for her.
    And I bet yours is better than Mariko’s.

    • Kaori says:

      Barry: Hahah, running naked isn’t very pleasant with breasts… They bounce and flop too much!
      Playa del Carmen is a nice little town about 45 minutes outside of Cancun.. It’s basically a resort town..
      Burgers and Fries are all it takes?? Hummm… I could do with some hormonally enhanced beef if it gave me some nice DD breasts!!!!!
      As for Mariko’s.. Her’s is meatier… I like it!!!

      Jon: But it’s cold and rainy all year round! 😀

  2. Jon says:

    Following on from yesterday’s comments, you should definitely come to London! Best city in the world — although I am bias.

  3. 4hourslave says:

    YES! I LOVE JAPANESE GIRLS!!! I’m loving your site!

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