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Anyways, it’s March, and a month ago all the famous groundhogs saw their shadows, which means six more weeks of winter, but I’m so so ready for spring.

I’m tired of sweaters. I have a drawer full of t-shirts that I’m dying to wear, but can’t because it’s just too chilly for them. Unless I layer them under sweaters, but what good’s that? No one will see them.

I’m tired of my winter shoe-boots. I’ve had them a couple of winters now, and I’ve actually ground a substantial portion of the heel away with my walking. I should probably get them repaired or replaced, and I suspect that for the amount of money it would take to repair them, replacement is probably a better bet. They were cheap anyway – bought on clearance at Victoria’s Secret during a time of better exchange rate. I think they cost me $50 USD with shipping, and I believe the dollar was at or close to par. In any event, I’ve been wearing shoe-boots for a long time now – I’m ready for sandals again. I’ve got some Ugg espadrilles I want to prance around in – again, bought on wicked clearance from VS.

If I want it to be spring badly enough, it will be, right? Right???

Ah, one can hope as she shrugs into her winter coat….

Enjoy the Cumisha Jones gallery!

7 Responses to “Cumisha Jones fucks a banana”
  1. Nikki says:

    Hey, I liked this gallery.:)

    Also, I can not wait to put on pair of foot thongs again.

    Also also, I had an idea about something you could possibly add. Maybe a pics of the day section for different topics, like ameture, lesbian, hardcore, etc…

  2. IFuckAmy says:

    Shack up with Jim for a few days?

  3. Jim says:

    Did you ever hear from the doc about the cause of your lymph nodes swelling? How are they doing now? About your t-shirts,you said no… would see you. We would see you if you put on a nice thin one and splashed warm water over your breasts and posted some nice wet t-shirts pics for us! :-)

  4. Barry says:

    Just step outside for a second and you won’t have to use water.

  5. mitcHell says:

    I vote for a 2 gallery post, Kaori. One of the baileyzroom that I requested, and another of you in a wet t-shirt!

  6. Super Undefeated Chillin' King Ever Realized says:

    Kaori, when you are blowing a guy, is there a particular method that you use? Also, would you rather gat a facial, or let the guy cum in your mouth? And have you ever considered trying anal? Will you post a camel-toe gallery of yourself. (please?) ((in my handle Its an acronym))

    • Kaori says:

      Nikki: Yeah, that could be a good idea.. I’ve posted a few ‘pic of the day’ ones before – but never really got fully invested!!

      IFA: Sounds good!!!!

      Jim: Nope – have a Specialist appointment late next week.. As for the t-shirt, that’s not a bad idea!!

      Barry: It’s still cold out!!

      Mitchell / Super: Hahaha, Bailey’s room will come soon! ^_^ As for method, nope.. I’d rather let him cum in my mouth, and then spit it out.. I’m adverse to messes…. As for anal – see the ‘about-me’ :)..
      Are you saying you’re a sucker?? And I think i’ve posted a cameltoe before as well, but yeah, soon I’ll get one up..

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