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Click the pic for a free gallery of some naughty cucumber masturbation!

Okay guys – obviously this isn’t as sexy as the RealPeachez cucumber masturbation, but I’m still guessing that it will be a pretty popular gallery!! This blonde IS cute, and the idea of using a cucumber to mastubate IS naughty…. Vegetables as sex toys!!! (I’m sure Brak or Neckice will take the oppurtunity to pounce on that…)

Anyways, I guess it pays to diversify.. Cucumbers, zucchinis, carrots… j/k

My parents get their local telephone service, cable TV, and Internet service all provided by the same company. Greatly convenient when it comes time to pay the bill – only one to pay, instead of three separate ones. There are drawbacks to this setup, though.

Very recently, they decided to switch their local telephone service to another provider, so my father called up the current company to cancel the phone only. What happens? Today, they discovered that they had not cable TV and no Internet. Period. They still had phone service, but that’s because they were already set up with the new company. So my father called up the other company to let them know they messed up with the phone disconnect – the other things were supposed to remain.

He got told that no one can fix the problem until Monday. O.o

I don’t know how he reacted when they told him that – my sister told me about it over the phone. I do know that had it been me, I would have been livid. A whole weekend? With no Internet and no TV? I don’t think I could go a single day without Internet anymore!!!

I suppose this could be interpreted positively as an opportunity for fantastic family bonding, with the notable absence of distractions. Still, I will be thinking of them often this weekend, as I obsessively check my email and tootle around cyberspace….

Mmm… now it feels a little bit creepy to talk about porn – but eitherway, enjoy the gallery from FTV Girls!

7 Responses to “Cucumber Masturbation”
  1. NECKICE says:

    I have an ex-gf who used a watermelon to masturbate.

  2. NECKICE says:

    oh — and I am also glad the photo shoot featured squashes and gourds in the backgrounds. This added to the fall spirit and the fact that this girl’s twat, like my ex-gf’s, is like a Nietchszian abyss. Trick or trick.

  3. Brak-in-Black says:

    I used a watermelon once on an ex-girlfriend, but it backfired. Took me three weeks to pick all the seeds out.

  4. A shiitake mushroom says:

    Just a reminder, Kaori. I’m in your fridge tonight, if you’re not going out. Just give me five minutes of your time and I’ll make you squirt clear across the room. Those other veggies might work on web sluts, but only I’ve got experience with Asian girls. Give me a shot, Kaori. Let me rock your world. Then make a salad.

  5. Kaori says:

    Neckice: That’s only cause you stretched her out, right????

    Brak: don’t know what to say..

    As for you shiitake…. you’re more of a backdoor veggie!

  6. big dick says:

    she has a nice pussy i dont use cucumbers i just shove my cok up there

  7. Impressed says:

    wow you have a very nice pussy. beautiful

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