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Cracked out Barbie fucked by black man

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Anyway, death by grape….
Last night, my friends with orchard access called up, saying they’d been out to the land of plentiful fruit, and had returned with enough to share, and would I like some? Since the last bits of the previous haul had just been consumed, I said yes please. They said they had apples and grapes this time.

Then they showed up at my door, with a large bag that had something like fifteen apples in it, and a giant tray – really, one of the crisper drawers from their fridge – loaded down with little bunches of red grapes.

I ushered them inside and started working on finding space to accommodate the new produce, all the while inquiring as to the pedigree of the grapes. I really enjoyed the merlot grapes they gave me last time, and wondered if these were more of the same. They were able to tell me that they were wine grapes, but that was about it – it seems that their trip was a sort of whirlwind of sampling different grape types, and there was general confusion about what they had tried, and which of those these corresponded to. That’s okay though – not knowing what exactly they are doesn’t make them any less tasty. Besides, it’s not as if I can run out to the store and get more even if I knew what they were.

I started moving bunches from their tray to my crisper drawer, and I realized I had better double check their intentions. They had brought over a lot of grapes – surely this was meant to be spread around some other friends?

So I asked.

And I was told that the only things they would be taking with them when they left would be their empty apple bag and their empty fridge crisper drawer. They had plenty more at home, and would not be needing any of what they’d brought me.


So I have a fridge crisper drawer that is pretty well full of tasty red grapes of unknown pedigree.

I will be eating grapes for the foreseeable future.

For all of perpetuity, perhaps. Purpletuity, maybe.

Good thing I like ’em.

Though I may have a different opinion by the time the drawer’s empty.

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4 Responses to “Cracked out Barbie fucked by black man”
  1. Jason says:

    I definitely think you should add a red lacy g-string to your panty collection, more than one if budget allows.

    You’re right, she doesn’t look all there. Perhaps the drugs make her job easier?

    I like grapes too. Just pass them over. *grins*

    • Kaori says:

      Jason: Since I buy all my undies at VS, the budget definitely allows :)
      I’m curious though, about what a $200 pair of La perla panties are actually like – why it’s substantially better than VS…
      I didn’t have any grapes today.. I need to start working on them!

  2. Tex says:

    You should definitely make some wine with all those grapes. I do a bit of home brewing and its really pretty easy, and so far Ive really enjoyed the results 😀

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