Click each picture for a free gallery of teens getting undressed!!

Okay guys, I apologize in advance for the meager quantity and quality of the pictures posted today! It’s harder than you’d imagine to find these before and after strip shots of cute and innocent teens!
If you’re just looking for hardcore pictures, check out the safe and virus/trojan free site I also run – GirlsAreSexy.Com

Anyways, I just wanna relax!

I’ve been having some very stressful dreams lately. Not because I’m facing unusual levels of stress in the real world, I don’t think – because the dreams sure have nothing to do with my life as I live it… (Suck it, Freud!!) They always involve these random, highly improbable scenarios. Like having a stalker following me around and shooting at me from across the street. Or being left behind in a time-jump. Or having to spend the night in a haunted hotel, with a rickety wrought-iron elevator. Or being forced to help a pirate retrieve his treasure from his hiding place in a cave with rocks piled up over the mouth, only to discover at the end that all the gold is gone, looted through a hole dug in the back of the cave, but there’s still ale so he can still get all drunk and mean.

I wonder if other girls have such adventurous dreams? ^_^

Anyways, I hope I have a nice restful sleep tonight, either dreamless or with peaceful dreams of floating through fluffy clouds. ^_^ That would be nice.

Still, I do have some relaxation time coming up – I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. Nothing like having my hair manipulated and groomed to make me go all brain dead happy. ^_^

Enjoy the clothed and unclothed girls – and check out GirlsAreSexy for more safe porn!

7 Responses to “Clothed and Unclothed Teenage Girl Pics – Set 14”
  1. Jim says:

    I like the pirate dream the best! Next time,ask him for sip of that ale to calm your nerves! :-) About your hair cut,dont get it cut too short! You have what i call “shampoo commercial hair”& it would be a terrible shame to cut it too short! If you want something cut short,ill be happy to shave your pubes nice and smooth for you! :-)

  2. NECKICE says:

    i particularly like the first girl in this montage. She has a copy of House of Leaves on her bookshelf, so she likes contempoaray avante-garde literature which I am a fan of as well. And she has nice tits.

  3. Sean says:

    Just noticed the bush pic in your about me section. HOT! Though for some reason I thought you were bald down there…

  4. Kaori says:

    Jim: It’s still shoulder length :)

    Neckice: Ummmm… never heard of it :) boobs though… that’s all good!

    Sean: It all depends on my mood… and of course, how lazy I’m feeling!!!

  5. Sean says:

    Next time I want to see it bare!

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