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Okay guys, here’s another gallery from that Russian site ‘Sell your gf’… It has a bunch of sexy Russian amateurs fucking under the ‘paid for sex’ pretense… A little fake looking, but not the common porn slut you see every day…. It’s something fresh for your eyes :)

Anyway, I need a fix… Back in 2009, I had the good fortune of going to Paris for nearly a week – I think I effectively had six full days in the City of Light.

Before departing, I had the good fortune of getting a sound bit of advice: seek out La Maison Ladurée, and enjoy some of their macarons. I followed this sage advice, on day two, I think, and wow was I ever glad. Many of the Euros in my pockets disappeared into the tills at Ladurée, in exchange for boxes of the tasty morsels that would get stashed away in the little tiny fridge in the hotel room, so that every night could end with one of these delights. Or two.

And yeah, some of them would get eaten once I’d set foot outside the boutique after buying them. After all, they’re best fresh.

Upon returning to Canada, I sort of set about putting macarons out of my head. Sure, it’s possible to get some here, but they’re not Ladurée, and they’re actually not as good. Not that they’re garbage or anything – but when your first introduction to such a treat sets the bar so high, it’s tough to settle for less. So I just generally abstain from the locally available fare, and rely on my memories of those sweet delights from Paris.

Somewhat randomly today, I happened to go take a peek at Ladurée’s webpage, looking at their international locations. I remember doing this right when I returned from Paris in 2009, and being saddened to see that there were very few international locations, and no North American locations at all. Today, though, there are far more international boutiques than there were in 2009 – most are still pretty inaccessible to me, being in Europe or Asia, but there’s a boutique in New York now.

Compared to going to Paris (or Belgium, or Monaco, or Lebanon, or Japan, or Hong Kong…), getting to New York is totally feasible.

And really. I’ve never been. What a great idea for a vacation.

Let the plotting planning begin…

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Okay guys, here’s a semi-strange porn gallery. It’s a very average, regular looking woman getting fucked by a black guy. She doesn’t looked very ‘pornstar’ like. The set looks like it’s out of the 80’s, but I know for a fact that it was shot in the last 10 years. Laila Mason was born in 1986. It’s just something about her.. I’ve seen other XXX videos of hers that look just as retro.

Anyway, the elegance… The other night, I was fixing up dinner – homemade sweet potato ginger soup with some grilled sausage sliced up and dropped right into the soup.

I dished the soup into bowls, and then began slicing up the sausages… I deftly pierced the skin on one sausage with the tines of a fork, so that I could hold the thing steady as I worked on it with the knife. The sausage must have objected to my action, because it retaliated by spurting a jet of sausage juice, which left a trail of three greasy drops on the front of my shirt.
The visual.

This annoyed me. That being said, I do understand the sausage’s reaction – I’d be pretty ticked if someone stuck a fork in me, too.

I continued with the sausage slicing, with no further greasy mishaps, and proceeded to add the sausage to the bowls of soup. When I got to the last one, I thought I’d be clever and, rather than picking up the sausage pieces one or two at a time, I’d pick up the whole cutting board and sweep the sausage pieces neatly into the bowl.

The sausage pieces disagreed with my plan. Rather than tumbling in neatly, they sort of rolled around a bit, and I ended up dropping one on the countertop. Three of the others hit the soup like they were vying for the prize for best cannonball, and little splotches of soup scattered themselves over the countertop.

This was turning out to be a rather messy meal.

The final blow came as I finished off my bowl of soup, and I was settling back into my seat to enjoy my warm soup belly with TV, and I moved my arm so that my hand ended up brushing up against my shirt, and I noticed it felt damp. Perplexed, I looked down, and saw that somewhere along the way in my eating my soup, I had managed to dribble a bit of it down the front of my shirt, so there were now damp spots smelling faintly of sweet potato and ginger accompanying the spots of grease left behind by the insolent sausage.

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t eat out often…..
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery from that interracial network site that includes blacks on blondes, spring thomas, wifewriting, zebragirls, gloryhole, cumbang, and more! It features some of the popular interracial niches.. Gangbangs, cuckolding, degredation, blowbangs, etc. You buy a single login, and get access to all the sites – with new movies and pictures posted every few days.

Anyway, missing out…
Every once in a while, I’ll hear an ad on the radio or see a billboard advertising a promotion being run by some coffee chain or fast food chain involving free coffee, or ridiculously cheap coffee, for a limited time.

Usually these things pop up when something has changed in the coffee offerings at that establishment – new beans, or new latte flavours, or something of the like. I hear about these special offers, these deals, and I mentally shrug to myself while thinking, Whatever, I don’t drink coffee.

I never acquired a taste for coffee. To be perfectly fair, I’m not sure I’ve ever really tried it. Never been tempted. I like the smell of coffee brewing, but once it’s been poured into a cup or mug, the smell changes, and, to me, becomes much less appealing. I’ve also had the misfortune of being subjected to other people’s coffee breath, and it’s not something that I want to inflict upon others.

So I don’t drink coffee. So whenever these offers appear, I don’t partake.

I’ve never minded before. But I just saw an ad online, promoting some new latte flavour or something, and I felt a little twinge. Suddenly, it seems rather unfair. Sure, I don’t drink coffee, but I drink other things. Why can’t I have a deal too? Would it be so bad to offer a hot chocolate deal or pop deal concurrently with the coffee promo?

Some may be tempted to point out here that McDonald’s does do a pretty nice pop deal during the summer – Dollar Drink Days – and I do partake. I don’t think that evens it out though. Sure, I can get cheap pop in the summer months, which is awesome – but coffee drinkers get a deal then too. Everyone benefits from Dollar Drink Days, but only the coffee drinkers get their special deals at random intervals throughout the rest of the year. Unfair, I tell you.

Maybe I just need to give myself a little treat tomorrow.
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Cute teens have an XXX party
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Okay guys, here’s a hot XXX party from one of those evil network sites I was telling you about.. You know, the gigantic network full of a different niche sites under one giant login. This one is called “Mofos”, and it actually has some decent niches, like sex parties, gangbangs, big toys, sex contests, etc. Yeah, it’s all staged, but they have pretty hot pornstars… And they do get some relatively unknowns, given that they run their own porncasting agency.

Anyway, speaking of parties…. Last night, a couple of friends were having a little get together – they wanted to celebrate their new house, and some other exciting developments in their life, and so they invited their friends over for a good time.

Now, I met him through a mutual friend, and I met her because of my association with him, but that’s the extent of it. I mean, I would call them friends, and we do get together every so often – but when we do that, it’s not as a really large group of people, so I don’t really know their other friends. When they invited me to this, I graciously accepted the invitation, because they are my friends, but I got a bit nervous about actually being at the party.

Despite the fact that I enjoy my job, which basically requires me to talk with bunches of strangers on a regular basis, I would never in a million years describe myself as an extrovert. I am definitely an introvert. I’m so introverted I come pretty close to collapsing in on myself. I only enjoy parties when I know other people at the party. If I know pretty well everyone, it’s a really good time. If I know only a few others there, I still have a good time, but I do sort of velcro onto the people I know. I’m not good at mingling – it only works out if I’ve velcroed onto someone else who is essentially doing the mingling for me, and when that happens, sometimes I meet new people who actually end up becoming friends.

But the thought of actual real mingling on my own leaves me sort of mentally paralyzed.

I wasn’t going to be on my own at this party, though – I was going with another friend, so even though I wouldn’t be able to velcro onto the hosts, I could still hang out with someone who wasn’t a stranger. And that’s what I did.

And when we were approached by a young couple who seemed to be in a similar position – not really acquainted with anyone else at the party – we stood around and chatted. It was fine – I can do the smiling friendly thing when approached.

But boy, was I glad I went with someone. Otherwise it would have been me standing awkwardly in a corner all night, clutching somewhat desperately at a plate of munchies, nibbling things while eyeing everyone with an air of frightened apprehension.

Perhaps my social skills could use some work….
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Okay guys, here’s another blacks on blondes gallery of Jordan Pryce. She has a Barbie doll-esque stature. Tall, slim, blonde with giant fake breasts and a shaved pussy. Unfortunately, she also looks like she’s a crack addict… Her skin is a little rough, her muscle definition is odd, and her pupils are a bit dilated and don’t seem to be focusing right. I was zoomed in looking for track marks when I noticed that she had a pubic/pussy tattoo of a heart…. She (or the photographer) seems to be wanting to hide it… That’s okay though – she gets thoroughly fucked by a black guy, and takes it up the ass.

Anyway, death by grape….
Last night, my friends with orchard access called up, saying they’d been out to the land of plentiful fruit, and had returned with enough to share, and would I like some? Since the last bits of the previous haul had just been consumed, I said yes please. They said they had apples and grapes this time.

Then they showed up at my door, with a large bag that had something like fifteen apples in it, and a giant tray – really, one of the crisper drawers from their fridge – loaded down with little bunches of red grapes.

I ushered them inside and started working on finding space to accommodate the new produce, all the while inquiring as to the pedigree of the grapes. I really enjoyed the merlot grapes they gave me last time, and wondered if these were more of the same. They were able to tell me that they were wine grapes, but that was about it – it seems that their trip was a sort of whirlwind of sampling different grape types, and there was general confusion about what they had tried, and which of those these corresponded to. That’s okay though – not knowing what exactly they are doesn’t make them any less tasty. Besides, it’s not as if I can run out to the store and get more even if I knew what they were.

I started moving bunches from their tray to my crisper drawer, and I realized I had better double check their intentions. They had brought over a lot of grapes – surely this was meant to be spread around some other friends?

So I asked.

And I was told that the only things they would be taking with them when they left would be their empty apple bag and their empty fridge crisper drawer. They had plenty more at home, and would not be needing any of what they’d brought me.


So I have a fridge crisper drawer that is pretty well full of tasty red grapes of unknown pedigree.

I will be eating grapes for the foreseeable future.

For all of perpetuity, perhaps. Purpletuity, maybe.

Good thing I like ’em.

Though I may have a different opinion by the time the drawer’s empty.

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