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Hey guys, I’m back!
Or at least – sort of….
I took a little break from blogging because I was a bit burned out. I had nothing new to say, nothing to post…. The break just lasted longer and longer and longer!

I’m thinking I’ll take this blog in a new format – less of my ramblings, and more amateur porn like below…. Occasionally I’ll write something up. (I have a feeling the only people that see this will be those of you using RSS for it!)
What are your thoughts?

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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of a sexy Asian Bunny! I know that Easter was a while ago, but I’m not sure that this gallery will still be available next easter. It’s getting posted!
I sort of have the feeling that I’ve posted this shaved, big breasted amateur before.. If so, she’s still worth posting again!

Anyway, such gratitude…

I’ve managed to keep up somewhat decently with my increased water intake, though for the past few days I’ve only managing to get in two extra glasses of water a day. The strategy of having a glass of water any time you will be sitting and working for a bit sort of falls apart when you end up running around doing all sorts of errands.

Anyway. One thing that I’ve noticed with the increased drinking is increased peeing. This should not be surprising. I have some rudimentary understanding of how the body works, and I know that what goes in gets processed and then comes back out again. I was, however, also under the impression that I had pretty formidable bladder control and wickedly efficient kidneys. The newly available evidence suggests that what I actually had was an underused urinary system.

So I’ve been having more, um, pit stops. Including when I am at work. And often, one of my trips happens to coincide with the time window when one of the custodial staff is just finishing the cleaning of the restrooms.

Now, I appreciate the custodial staff at my workplace – they do a pretty good job, things seem pretty decently clean. Not phenomenally clean – I wouldn’t want to lick the floors or anything – but nothing appears to be gross, and that’s pretty impressive considering the hundreds of people who traipse through the premises daily. So I end up feeling particularly guilty when I need to make use of the facilities right after they’ve been cleaned, while the person who cleaned them is still in the area.

Nothing says gratitude like peeing all over someone’s hard work.

Enjoy the sexy Asian teen dressed in a costume!

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Okay guys – one of the comments was mentioning an old picture of a lady sitting in front of a McDonald’s, flashing her pussy from underneath her fur coat…
I decided to do a little bit of research. I *know* I have the picture he was talking about archived on my harddrive somewhere… But it’s way too hard to find, so instead I spent some time searching for McDonald’s pussy through google and bing…..
Here’s what I came up with!

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Okay guys, time for another amateur gallery. This one is of a hot young Asian with giant breasts!
I really need to learn to rename the files before I upload them… My current gallery uploader is broken, so I can’t add anymore of the nice, big porn images that I like :( I guess it’s just time to upload some amateur Asians….

Anyway, here we go again….
I’ve been in a strange cycle for quite some time now. I’m not too clear on when exactly it started – possibly when I read the Harry Potter series of novels back a few years ago. I think that was in the summer of 2010? I read the entire series in one big streak – just devoured the books. And then, once I was done, I sort of flailed about a bit, trying another book here and there, but nothing really captured my imagination, and eventually I just gave up on reading fiction for a little bit. As time went on, I’d read a little here and there, working my way slowly through a couple of novels, but they didn’t have the same grip on my attention.

Last year, I did the same thing, but with the Hunger Games trilogy. Blasted through all three books in relatively short order, and then, once I was done, was sort of left unsure of what to read next. I tried a couple of things here and there, but again, it seemed as though I couldn’t really sink my teeth into anything.

Just last week, on a strong recommendation, I gave the first short story in the Iron Druid Chronicles a try. Being a short story, I whipped through it fairly quickly.

And I promptly burned through the second short story.

And then plowed through the first novel in the series.

This wasn’t all in one sitting – I do have a job, after all, and other human needs like eating and sleeping and some basic hygiene. But I am back to reading voraciously.

And it feels good.

I’m just getting into the second novel in the series now. There are five out in total, with the sixth due out this summer, and there are some more short stories scattered around in between the novels as well, so I’ve got a decent queue built up for me here, and I’m rather looking forward to it all. I don’t always agree with Atticus’ decisions, but I’ve become rather fond of Oberon. He’s a good doggy.

Enjoy the Amateur Asian – and check out the Iron Druid Chronicles

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Asian Christmas Porn - Blowjob in Santa Hat
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Asian Christmas Porn – a Blowjob in Santa Hat

Asian Christmas Porn - Blowjob in Santa Hat

Asian Christmas Porn - Blowjob in Santa Hat
Asian Christmas Porn – Blowjob in Santa Hat
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Asian Christmas Porn – Blowjob in a Santa Hat
The Asian Blowjob in a Santa hat movie is here

Okay guys, I know Christmas is over… But I can still try to hold on to it a little bit longer! In reality, I actually just found this Asian Christmas Porn gallery, and realized how little I had been posting since my blog was breaking daily.
Now that my XXX blog is running a bit smoother, I can post a few more of the holiday porn galleries, and we can pretend that Christmas is still on it’s way with all of the presents that follow! :)

Anyway, shiny, but not new…

I did it.

I went for broke and removed the matte screen protector from my iPhone, and installed the shiny film that was a match to the film that I put on the back.

The result is pretty slick – both literally and figuratively. I didn’t get the alignment exactly perfect – I have yet to do that – but there aren’t any bits of film hanging off an edge, no creases or wrinkles, so I’ll take it. The phone now feels more like a bare one – very smooth, glassy surface. The matte film also subdued the display a bit – everything looks a bit brighter and crisper with this crystal film.

It’s actually a bit like having a brand new phone! Without all the new phone setup steps to get it all figured the way I like it.

There is a downside, though – the crystal film shows fingerprints and smudges far more readily than the matte film did. I may tuck a microfibre towelette into my handbag so that I can shine it up whenever I feel the need – I got a few as freebies some years ago when I was using a freebie promotional gift card to buy some contact lens cleaning solution, and the solution didn’t use up the balance of the card and the promotion didn’t allow for an unused balance to be kept for later purchases. Faced with a spend it or lose it decision, I opted to spend it, and grabbed some eyeglass lens cleaning kits, complete with solution and microfibre cloths.

They’ve hardly seen any use.

So maybe there’s a silver lining here after all.

Click here for a hot gallery of Asian Christmas Porn – Blowjob in Santa Hat
The Asian Blowjob in a Santa hat movie is here

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