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Funky Halloween Porn from Private
Click the picture to see funky Halloween porn pictures from Private

Funky Halloween Porn from Private

Funky Halloween Porn from Private
Click the picture to see an XXX Halloween gallery featuring a donkey tail.

Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery from Private. It features a shaved blonde babe with a Christina Piercing getting a tail butt plug stuck up her ass, and then getting fucked and cummed on. I’m not sure if it’s really a ‘Halloween’ porn gallery, or just sexy hardcore costume pictures from the movie Pirate 108.

Anyway, last week, I called up the new-to-me salon to try and book another cut with Mr. Fancy Salon Guy. Knowing he’s a busy guy, I figured that if I was calling for an appointment four weeks in advance, I should be able to get the slot that I want.

A perky associate answered the phone, I indicated that I would like to book an appointment with Mr. Fancy Salon Guy, she asked me what day I had in mind, and I told her I was hoping to come in on Tuesday, November 13, as I happen to have that day off.

She told me that Mr. Fancy Salon Guy does not work on Tuesdays.

I was sort of stunned in place for a second there. It had never occurred to me that Mr. Fancy Salon Guy might be so fancy that he doesn’t actually put in a full week. I sort of figured that he’d need to in order to actually have time to see his clients – I was warned by the friend who recommended him that he tends to book up early. I had assumed that this was because he had a lot of clients, not because he worked limited hours.

I asked if he had any appointments for the Friday morning of that week – I don’t have to be at work till 2, so a morning appointment could work.

She told me that he doesn’t see clients before noon.

That took the wind out of my sails again. If I’ve got to be at work for 2 PM, then scheduling a cut for noon was probably a pretty risky move.

Once I had recovered sufficiently, I asked what his work schedule is.

She told me he sees clients on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from noon until 8 PM.

Which basically means that his schedule completely doesn’t work for me – I’m either at work, or occupied with other life-related errands during those hours.

So it looks like I’m going to be letting my hair grow and grow and grow until December, when my work schedule becomes a bit more flexible.

At least now I have a handy excuse as to why I didn’t reappear within the prescribed six weeks of my last cut.
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Halloween Porn - Goth Girl Fucks Pumpkin

Click here to see the free hot gallery of Bella Vendetta fucking a pumpkin

Okay guys, it’s almost Halloween, so it’s time for my Halloween porn posts to start! This is a hot gallery of goth girl Bella Vendetta fucking a pumpkin. I guess she must like pain, although personally, after seeing all the fruit flies come out of bananas, I’d be very, very hesitant to shove any fruit or vegetable up my pussy. Especially when there are such nice, realistic toys available almost anonymously over the internet! Still, Bella fits the Halloween theme! :)

Anyways, throwing caution to the wind….
Last week was the annual on-campus flu clinic – the opportunity for students and staff to line up and get a free flu immunization shot. The opportunity to develop better herd immunity, and reduce the chances of loads of us being beset by plague over the winter.

Three years ago, I lost a week of my life to the flu. Probably H1N1. The next year, I went and got my flu shot. No flu. The year after that, I got my flu shot. No flu, but I did end up catching a beastly little cold over the Christmas break.

This year?

I didn’t get it. I am unvaccinated.

I had actually intended to get it, but a combination of procrastination and epic failure in organizational skills meant that I never managed to get myself down to where the flu clinic was set up. So I missed my chance.

Well. I missed my most convenient chance. In all honesty, it’s not hard to get yourself a flu shot – a nearby pharmacy has signs up indicating they’ve got vaccine on hand, and I know of a flu clinic that has set up shop in a mall not too far away from my home. Neither place charges for the shot, either. I could totally swing by one of those places one day in my travels and get myself vaccinated.

I think I’ve decided I’m not going to, though.

I think I’m going to try a season running on the power of my own immune system, with the support of some careful self-care hygiene practices. I’ve got a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer on my desk at work – good stuff, the 60% alcohol kind – and I’m firmly in the habit of swabbing my hands every time I come into the office, before I start using the computer. I’m pretty consistent in taking my vitamin D supplements on a daily basis too. Those two things combined should give my immune system a pretty good fighting chance against any invading virus, right?

After all, getting the flu shot is in no way a guarantee that you’ll be flu-free for the season. If they guessed wrong in figuring which strain would be the one to worry about, then you’ve got nothing in your corner when you’ve got to face the actual flu virus.

I’m sufficiently curious to give this season a go without the shot.

Let’s hope we don’t find me regretting that decision as I lay stricken in bed, pondering whether I have the will to go on….

Enjoy the Bella Vendetta Halloween pumpkin porn gallery here!

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Crazy hard head shaving bondage
Click the picture to see real, hardcore, head-shaving bondage!

Crazy hard head shaving bondage

Crazy hard head shaving bondage
Click the picture to see a naked slut get her head shaved
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Okay guys, the gallery today is a bit extreme. I’m actually not sure why I’m posting it. I like sex games, but this is a bit too much for me. I did find it unique that this model came in and got her head shaved – all in the name of art. She probably enjoyed it too!
Tongue clamps? Electricity? Ouch. It’s a little more than the light spanking and hair pulling we were just discussing :)

Anyways, while on vacation, we drove out from the Kohala resort area to Volcanoes National Park. We saw what I presume to be the usual tourist highlights – we drove up Crater Rim Drive to the Jaggar Museum to take a look at Kilauea Crater smoldering away, then back down the way we came to Chain of Craters Road, which we took down to the shoreline as far as we could. At its end, Chain of Craters Road is covered by lava flow – not currently flowing lava, but older flow, that flowed most recently in 2010. We looked at the Holei Sea Arch, then turned around and went back up to Crater Rim Drive and exited the park. We had hoped to do a complete loop on Crater Rim Drive around Kilauea Crater, but a significant portion of the roadway is closed due to the activity at the crater.

We didn’t get to see any glowing, flowing lava, but we still got to see plenty of interesting things, like the volcanic gases venting from Kilauea Crater, and steam vents in the park – I got a little too close to one of them, and the wind blew the steam right over me, which fogged up my sunglasses so that I couldn’t see and made me keenly aware that steam is hot. Don’t worry – I didn’t get anywhere near scalded, there was enough open air for the steam to dissipate without really getting me, but man, I sure kept a better distance after that.

Chain of Craters Road is really neat too – it passes over several older lava flows, and there are sign posts indicating when that particular batch of lava rock was actually liquid, bearing years like 1974. There are also several turnout points where you can pull over, exit your vehicle, and then scrabble around on the rocks a bit. A couple of these turnouts are actually trailheads, and if you’re prepared you can hike out to – well, honestly, I don’t know what’s out there, since we weren’t prepared for hiking, and therefore didn’t follow any of these trails. Which is probably just as well – I looked at one of the trailheads, and I honestly couldn’t see a visible trail anywhere, even though the signage insisted that there was a trail leading away from where I was standing.

Scrabbling around a bit on the lava fields, though, one member of the group was looking at some of the cracks in the rock, and noted the different layers of rocky material, and commented that all those dark layers reminded her of a chocolate layer cake. I looked, and sure enough, it looked a fair bit like chocolate layer cake.

And from that moment onward, I couldn’t look at layering in the volcanic rock without thinking of chocolate cake. And chocolate cupcakes.

And getting a hankering for those cakes and cupcakes.

The association persists, too. I was looking at some pictures from the trip today, and I saw one shot of a large mound of volcanic rock that had formed in a section of Kilauea Crater we wandered past on the short trail to the Thurston Lava Tube, and I remember thinking at the time as I saw it that it kind of reminded me of a chocolate pound cake, and there I was today looking at the picture, and even though I knew it was a rock formation, all I could see was chocolate cake.

And again, I wanted chocolate cake.

Still do.

Maybe I’ll have to do something about that tomorrow.
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Tattooed babe inserts vegetable in pussy
Click the picture to see tattooed babe Ivy Snow stick a vegetable up her shaved pussy!

Tattooed babe inserts vegetable in pussy

Tattooed babe inserts vegetable in pussy
Click the picture to see a sexy Suicide type girl stick a strange vegetable up her shaved white pussy!
The sexy Ivy Snow pussy food insertion video is here
Okay guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted Ivy Snow! I’m still not sure what I think about her. She’s hot. But would she be hotter without all the tattoos?
Ivy Snow has a very statuesque body, and the contrast between the ink and her milky white skin is neat. The fact that she’s stuffing vegetables in her pussy only adds to the allure.

Anyways, yesterday, while walking along a beach, I stumbled upon a sea turtle.

It was laying on the sand, very still. I approached, cautiously and curiously. The turtle did not seem to mind my proximity, and continued to lie there, very still. I decided to back off after getting within a few paces of it, and still the turtle did nothing. I started to walk away.

After a few steps, though, I turned back to look at the turtle. It was still lying there, not moving. The waves were gently lapping up against its backside, but this did not seem to bother it in the slightest. This made me start to worry. The turtle’s eyes were closed. While that could indicate that it was sleeping, the complete stillness of the beast combined with the closed eyes made me wonder if it was, in fact, dead.

I stayed rooted to the spot for a few moments, watching the turtle intently. The waves were lapping up more insistently, and still the turtle did not show any signs of life. I started to feel sad about a dead turtle washed up on the beach, and wondered about who I should notify, if anyone, and then a rather large wave rushed forth, submerging the turtle completely for a couple of seconds.

That did the trick.

The turtle’s eyes opened – not wide in surprise or anything, but they did open. It looked around a bit, with an expression that can best be described as peevish, and then, with water still swirling around it, it turned itself around to face the ocean, and pushed off into the water, gliding away gracefully.

And here I thought I was a deep sleeper.

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Remy LaCroix - Hazel eyed slut
Click the picture to see Remy LaCroix giving a blowjob and getting fucked

Remy LaCroix - Hazel eyed slut

Remy LaCroix - Hazel eyed slut
Click the picture to see the sexy new teen Remy LaCroix getting fucked!
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of a new teen in the porn industry. She’s quite attractive and innocent looking, with a young tight body as she gets fucked and swallows cum from Amateur Allure. Her name is Remy LaCroix, and she comes from the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, those of you familiar with San Francisco know that it has a very kinky underbelly.
Therefore, it’s not surprising that she can be found in some fetish galleries.
In this case, BoundGangbangs! I must say, I was pretty surprised to see the same beauty in the Amateur Allure gallery getting double penetrated and gangbanged in this gallery. There’s lots of anal, dp, ass gaping, blowjobs and cumshots.
Aside from the violence, it’s pretty hot! I think I’ll have to post more from them!

Anyways, no real blog post tonight. I’m going to *try* to start reading The Hunger Games tonight. See if I can finally get into it… I’ll leave you with the Remy LaCroix glamour gallery, and the Remy LaCroix super hardcore gangbang, anal and bondage gallery.

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