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Panty Stuffing Pinky June
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Panty Stuffing Pinky June

Panty Stuffing Pinky June
Click the picture to see Pinky June stuff panties inside her pussy

Okay guys, here’s another hot gallery of a sexy teen stuffing panties up her wet pussy. Her name is Pinky June and the set is from ALSScan – an awesome website that features super hot, thin, attractive porn models stuffing very large sex toys and other assorted objects up their tight, perfectly waxed pussies. ALSScan is hot. Very hot.
Pinky also plays with a pussy spreading tool and another girl in this gallery

Anyways, summer girl….
My job is an indoors job, and I’m not a sun seeker, so I generally don’t get much of a tan in the summer months. If I know I’m going to be out in the sun for a stretch of time, I’ll put on sunscreen, and usually that prevents tanning. Every once in a while, I’ll underestimate how much time I’ll be spending in direct view of the giant ball of fire in the sky, and I’ll get a sunburn, which eventually fades to a tan. Still, I am not one of those people who habitually become a shade darker when winter finally retreats.

That being said, in the past week and a half, I’ve had opportunity to spend more time out in the sun. Lots of time. In the intense sun. And even though I’ve been slathering on SPF 60 sunscreen the whole time – unhappily, because sunscreen is disgustingly sticky greasy stuff, but I’ve been doing it – still, I am tanning. I know I’ve been tanning, because I have tan lines.

I’m actually a bit weirded out with how bronzed my shoulders have become. I don’t know that they’ve ever been this tanned before in my life. Not that they are noticeably darker than the rest of me – it’s not as though I have odd brown splotches on my shoulders while the rest of me is visibly paler. And I’m certainly not as deeply tanned as some other people I see, those true sun seekers who spend hours out roasting in the sun’s rays, and seek out tanning salons or sunny vacation destinations in the shorter, colder days of winter. Some of them are scary. I’m pretty sure I haven’t tiptoed into scary territory yet.

But where I am is new for me.

And I have a feeling that when I go back to work in a few weeks, my colleagues are going to notice that I got me some sunshine this summer….
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Young Teen with Braces - Kacey - Hardcore
Click the pic for a hot, hardcore gallery of a young 18 year old teen with braces getting fucked!!

Okay guys, here’s a gallery from the same guys who bring you Chloe18, Little Lupe, LittleSummer and more!! They have barely 18 teens, usually with braces, getting nasty! Kacey18 is brand new.. I hope you like her! Sorry about the ‘flowers’….

Anyways, a few days ago I may have been blathering on about wanting some new shoes.

I did actually go to a shoe store to eyeball the selection. I found one pair of shoes that I thought were cute enough to spend money on. They were sort of Mary Jane styled, with a rounded toe and a kitten heel. They were Hush Puppies, which in my mind is a fairly respectable brand. I tracked down a pair in my size and tried them on, and sure enough, they were cute.

Then I looked at the price on the shoebox. $99.

Now I realize that $99 is not a very large sum for shoes, and in the grand scheme of life, is not really a lot of money. That being said, I have yet to discover the location of the mystical never ending well of money, so any purchase I make is given some consideration. I ask myself, do I need it? If the answer is yes, I make the purchase. If the answer is no, I then ask myself, how much do I want it? This leads to some evaluating of priorities – what else could I get in exchange for that particular sum of money? Would I rather have the other thing(s)?

So. The shoes. I don’t need them. This much was very clear to me – I have several colder weather appropriate pairs already. So how much do I want them? Well. I like the idea of new shoes, and these ones were cute. They were also, however, rather similar to a pair I already own – the ones I have don’t have a kitten heel, they have a wedge heel. They are, however, Mary Jane style with a rounded toe. So unless I’m hitching up my pants legs with the explicit intent of showing off my shoes, the new ones are very very similar to a pair that I already own.

What else could I get for $99 instead of those shoes? Quite a bit, as it turns out. I could have 33 rounds of cinnamon melts and large Cokes at McDonalds’. I could get two pair of dress pants from Victoria’s Secret, on clearance, with shipping charges. I could get two of my gel nail manicures, with tax and tip – a month’s worth of nail grooming. I could have 10 food court lunches, with Coke.

Also? I know that shoe stores occasionally have massive clearance sales, the kind where people have to line up outside the store because only a certain number of shoppers are allowed inside at a time, and at these kinds of nutso sales it’s possible to get really nice shoes for $50.

The shoes went back on the shelf, and I walked out of the store empty-handed.

Now I just need to pay attention to sale notices. After all, I still want new shoes….

Enjoy the Kacey18 gallery here!

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So Jim was mentioning that he liked the idea of me in a nurses outfit….. Of course, I was a little bit insulted that he wasn’t turned on more by the idea of me covered head to toe in surgical scrubs… After all, aren’t brains sexier than looks? ^_^

Now all that brings to mind a special Doctor…. Dr. Leon Pettigrul and the Hot Nurses he has working for him!….

My personal favourite is Lola.. Found at the bottom..

Anyways, you can check out the video here:
Freddy Watches a Spanking

And read Dr. Pettigrul’s blog here

Enjoy!!! It’s really quite entertaining..

if you’re just looking for free porn, then you’re come to the wrong place.. Oh wait.. no you haven’t..
Enjoy at GirlsAreSexy!!!

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Click the pic for the hot gallery of a sexy young asian girl with pigtails giving a hardcore massage!!

Okay guys – this is from “My Asian Massage“, which is a good site featuring predominantly South East Asian girls – but when the pickings get tough, they pull in some of the American Asian pornstars to beef up the content! All in all, it’s a very popular site if you like asian porn!! I think the girl feature is rather cute… It’s another one of those sites where you get access to a bunch of others.. Gag on my cock, Leaking Liquids, etc!

So it’s official – I can make butter chicken. ^_^

I was a bit worried and nervous yesterday, especially when I got off to a bit of a rocky start – I heated the oil too high, and when I added the chicken it spattered crazily. I kept getting little zings of hot oil on my hand and arm as I stirred the chicken around in the fry pan. Then I started to worry about not cooking the chicken through, or overcooking it in my attempt to get it thoroughly cooked. >_< So my confidence was somewhat diminished by the time I removed the chicken from the pan and started on the making of the sauce. What really made me start to think that it was going to turn out was when I added the spices. It started to smell really, really good. I told myself that it was bound to turn out well if it smelled so good! ^_^ I think about the only thing that would have made it better would have been fresh naan bread. There are a few obstacles to that one, though. Like the lack of tandoori oven. I once tried some naan bread the grocery store stocks, but it was pretty terrible. T-T I guess if I want the real thing, I'll just have to go out to a restaurant for it. But it's sort of nice to know that I can now have butter chicken at home whenever I feel like it! Enjoy the asian schoolgirl gallery, and click here to see all the other sites you get membership to at the same time!

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fleshlight babe

Okay guys, I couldn’t help but post this picture! Fleshlights ROCK! Despite having absolutely no use for one, I went ahead and purchased a ‘lady’ version just to see what all the hype was. Now, I can’t help fingering it! (It’s so soft and fun to stick things in!) I was actually going to buy another fleshglight, chop it up so it’s not so long, and put it on my desk for stress relief while I’m working.
(Yes, I know that viewing Partyhardcore would also work great as a stress relief, but then I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my papers!

I also bought a Fleshlight for a male friend of mine as a ‘gag gift’… (Although, I knew that he’d actually be very appreciative, despite all the joking!)

Anyways, Click HERE to visit the Fleshlight site, and see if there’s anything that catches your eye! I’m actually buying some Mr. Limpy’s as we speak, because they look pretty fun to play with too!

Let me know if any of you have ordered/bought these in the past, or are thinking of buying them now… I’d be curious to see what other people think of Fleshlights.

I’m getting fleshbotted right now, so I can’t get any REAL picture galleries up! :)
But in a little bit, I’ll get something of RealPeachez or Scar13 up for you!
I’m also going to post some pics of my fleshlight, and me fingering it in the ‘about-me‘ section

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