realpeachez licks

I keep forgetting that I’m no longer using monthly disposable contacts, but 14-day ones. I was supposed to throw mine out yesterday, but didn’t remember until I had one of them in this morning. I suppose I could have thrown them out then, but I’d already used the solution to clean them last night, seems a waste to not wear them just one more day! Besides, they still feel totally fine – a small (super-cheapo) part of me is wondering just how long I could make a pair last. Then the (big humungoid) scaredy-cat part of me screams about how I could possibly get a horrible eye infection if I don’t follow the directions. I would like to keep my eyes healthy and happy; although I think ocular transplants are a possibility, I don’t want to have that be my only option for sight. Mind you, that might give me the option of having non-brown eyes. :) Ummm, I think I’ll just hang on to my own for as long as possible, thanks.

When I was a wee one (like, 5), I really really really wanted gray (grey?) eyes. Largely because I thought brown eyes were boring, and Olivia Newton-John has gray eyes, which I thought were pretty and interesting (well, I still do). I got pretty ticked off when my mother told me that it was impossible for someone of my heritage to have non-brown eyes, and even more ticked when she told me that no matter what I did, my children would not have non-brown eyes. I don’t remember if she explained the whole dominant gene thing to me (remember, I was 5!), all I remember is the crushing disappointment.

In hindsight, I’m surprised my parents let me watch their collection of Olivia Newton-John videos. I really thought ‘Physical’ was about exercise (all these old dumpy guys work out in the gym, and magically transform into muscle-bound super-dudes. It’s magic because it all happens while she’s in the shower. Then she comes out and sees how much they’ve improved since she left and tries to get friendly with each of them, but they each spurn her in turn since she was mean to them when they were dumpy.).

Anyways, that random thought was brought on by the addition of a realpeachez gallery for you! Sarah Peachez definately has big, sexy grey eyes :) And a nice little body! I know how much you guys love to see her! (Nobody comments on the other girls I post, but you ALL love Realpeachez, so I’ll keep getting you some! :))
Just remember, if you really want to see her exposed, you gotta buy a membership, I don’t think they’re ever going to let the explicit shots slip out… But, I’ll keep trying! :)
Maybe I can post a pic from the video of her when she’s using that cucumber as a sextoy…. We’ll see! :)

Dins today was lame :) A Teriyaki chicken bowl (with rice), followed by a candy apple that I couldn’t resist buying! Unfortunately, the candy part was just sugar flavour, not cherry, not cinnamon. I really want to go out for Ethiopian again (maybe they spike it with drugs??) but I can’t afford it.. I need to make sure I only go once a month!
(Just watch me, I bet I’ll cave and go within the next week)

Anyways, 2:30am, it’s bedtime for me! I just pulled out my big down duvet! comfy!
Enjoy RealPeachez! If you’re lucky, I’ll try to get a sexy picture of my put up sometime this week!

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