Breast Tattoos - Around nipples
Click the picture for a hot pictures of circular tattoos around the nipples on a sexy ebony model! Breast tattoos.

Okay guys, here’s an interesting nude picture gallery featuring a model with donut like tattoos around her nipples.. The discord between her tattooed breasts and her soft Victorian corseted dress is interesting – however, the tattoos themselves are really what makes this gallery stand out. Just like pussy tattoos – there are some areas I think you should keep pure!!! A set of rings through her nipples would be okay – but permanently having spikes tattooed around her nipples isn’t my thing…. Still, neat breast tattoo pictures!

Anyways, speaking of donuts – I finally gave in to my cravings, and hauled myself out to get Krispy Kreme today.

They are every bit as wonderful in real life as I imagine they are in my head.

I’m not sure what it is they’ve done to their original glazed donuts to make them so unique and delicious. Their fancy donuts are good too, though realistically, fancy donuts from Tim Horton’s are not significantly different, in my opinion.

The original glazed Krispy Kremes, however, are heads and shoulders above all honey glazed donuts I’ve had. They’re. Just. Better.

It makes me semi-seriously wonder if they’ve slipped some addictive additive into the recipe.

I bought two dozen donuts today. They dangled a $1 off the second dozen offer in front of my face, and frankly, I was hungry.

The next few days are going to be rather, er, donutty.

Click here for breast and nipple tattoo porn pictures

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