Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked

Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked

Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked
Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a Blonde babe with Dangly Boobs fucked
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Okay guys, here’s a gallery I stumbled upon that had some intriguing facial expressions. Normally I’m not into ‘painal’, but I actually like the expressions this girl is making as she gets fucked! I’ve heard it referred to as ‘painal’ or ‘painanal’. Not really my thing. It’s from one of those giant network sites that give you access to a bunch of movies – Mofos.

Anyway, Robot resurrection…

A few years ago, I acquired a Roomba vacuuming robot to help out with the housekeeping around here.

It worked out wonderfully for several months. Then, Christmas rolled around, and I put up the tree, and I worried about the Roomba knocking the tree around and ornaments falling and breaking, so I put the Roomba on hiatus until after the tree came down.

Trouble is, once the tree came down, I sort of forgot to reinstate the Roomba’s cleaning schedule.

About a month ago, it became clear that if I were to use the Roomba once more, it would need its battery replaced – the thing didn’t hold a proper charge anymore.

It now has a spiffy new battery, and a couple of days ago, I pressed the button on top, prompting it to do a runaround of the floors.

It didn’t do a spectacular job – never did – but it did do reasonably well. I had to rescue it a few times – it managed to get itself stuck in a couple of spots – but otherwise it was fine just puttering around, and I puttered around working on preparing dinner at the same time, making sure to keep my feet out of its path. Not that I was worried about being sucked up or anything – I just didn’t want to mess with its random trajectory.

I had forgotten that it’s sort of fun to have this little robot helping me out. It’s almost like a little pet, a pet that’s doing some of my cleaning for me. It chirps out a happy little song as it prepares to begin doing its thing, it beeps as if it were a giant semi truck as it backs out of its dock, and once it’s redocked after it’s done, it plays a triumphant little tune as well, as if it’s pleased with itself.

Now, however, comes the true test. Will I remember to keep running it? I’m not going to program it, because I think I should be home when it runs, since it does need to be rescued periodically. So I have to manually push the button.

Think I’ll remember to keep pushing the button every few days?
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4 Responses to “Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked”
  1. Jason says:

    Ahh, painal. Nothing better than a woman realising that it really is going up there, even though it shouldn’t.

    Of course I’d be surprised if it actually was her first anal. I don’t see the screaming and complaining.

    A little robot to do the cleaning? Excellent. Just one more thing we wouldn’t need women for, creating more free time to engage in other pursuits… like painal.

  2. Barry says:

    I like her boobs. Nice nipples. The rest of her isn’t so bad either. She doesn’t look she’s totally regretting her decision.
    You’re in a weird mood. Work getting to you already? The semester is just getting started.
    How did the guy talk you into butt sex?

  3. Barry says:

    We had Thunder-snow this morning. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time we’ve had thunder and lightning while it was snowing. Cool and weird.

    • Kaori says:

      Barry: Thundersnow? That sounds so weird! I saw pictures of Phoenix where pools were frozen over.
      It’s still better than here though 😀
      As for work, yeah, I’m ready to retire. I can’t believe I have 30+ more years of work ahead of me!! :(
      Sometimes it’s just fun to be kinkier 😀

      Jason: Hahaha, yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s not her first either.. Besides, that takes prep!!!
      I need more robots 😀

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