black male stripper with big dick and drunk women
Click the pic for a hot gallery of drunk women fucking black male strippers

This gallery featuring predominantly a black male stripper getting groped by horny housewives, comes from the Partyhardcore collection….. Partyhardcore features hardcore sex parties starring amateur drunk girls, horny housewives, and the occasional female pornstar to ‘get things going’….

Anyways, once again we’re venturing into the taboo world of drunk women cavorting with male strippers…… Now it doesn’t matter whether this is at a bachelorette party (hen party for you Brits ^_^), at just a general Ladies Night, or whereever it may take place…. The idea of housewives out on the town, acting scandalous and getting laid while their husband waits at home can be kind of a turn-on for most men… I think this derives from the fact that the average man assumes that if a woman is willing to fuck a complete stranger (be it a male stripper or otherwise), then the woman might also be willing to fuck him…. What do you think???

Also, along those lines, there’s a new user visiting the blog… IFuckAmy is a guy who lends his hot Asian girlfriend out to get her pussy stretched by black guys…. And he has some pics he’d like to share! If you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll put the pics up.. They’re not the highest resolution… and the colour isn’t the best… But the more you talk him up, the braver he’ll get!

Let us know if you want to see them!

In the meantime, you can see other cuckolding, CFNM, and male stripper pictures at LoverboysUsa or Partyhardcore! Enjoy

3 Responses to “Black male strippers and drunk women – Pictures”
  1. anthony says:

    he is in great shape

  2. Wolf says:

    Wow wish I could get my wife drunk enough, just once, and see her on the business end of his impaling tool

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