Black Dorm Room sex
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Okay guys, here’s a dorm room sex picture and movie gallery featuring hot ebony teens getting drunk, and posing nude in their dorm! It’s not often you see a gallery depicting drunk black teens – so I hope you enjoy today’s daredorm update! The same guys do moneytalks, and I believe it’s part of the same “pay one price” network!!!

Anyways, so much for good intentions….

Last year, I did a bit of a frantic scramble when the RRSP contribution deadline rolled around. Meaning, I left making my contribution until the very very last day possible, counting on being able to do it smoothly and quickly online. Then, I logged into my online banking system, and realized that because I had made a change to my account during the year, I would have to phone in and speak to a representative. On the last day where RRSP contributions for the 2008 tax year could be made.

Well. It got done. I sat on hold for a very, very long time, and you might remember my frustration upon realizing that my cordless phone’s battery had died – the hold music had been cutting in and out, and I put the line on speaker phone so I could do other things while I waited, and thus didn’t notice when the line just went completely dead. In any event, eventually it was all done, and I breathed a sigh of relief, followed by a solemn promise to myself – I would not go through this again. For the 2009 tax year, I would sort out my contributions early, and get them done early.

How’s that working out, you might ask?


Today is February 25.

I have yet to make my 2009 year’s contributions.

Everything’s all set up now – I should be able to do it all online, quickly and painlessly, right???

Enjoy the drunk black college teen dirty XXX pictures here
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4 Responses to “Black Dorm Room sex”
  1. Barry says:

    What day is it due? And your phone is charged too, right?
    This was a nice change. You don’t see this type of pictorial often.

    • Kaori says:

      Barry: Tomorrow night!!! I’m charging my phone now :) Silly charger.
      As for the pictorial – glad you liked! I’ve posted a few from the same site – but none featuring ebony students.

      Pat: I’ll see about finding the action – because they do… These people aren’t in the business ‘yet’ – but judging from the site owner, they’re paid to be there :)

      Barry: Nasty!!!!!!

  2. PatTheBat says:

    Those are some sexy black chicas, too bad we don’t really get to see them in “action”. :)

    Shot in the dark, but any of them anybody of consequence in the “business”? Or are these legit amateurs?

  3. Barry says:

    I just saw a commercial for one of the “World’s Dumbest…” programs and the guy was spraying milk out of his eye. So you do feel a breeze when you blow.

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