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I don’t know how to swim.

When I was much younger, and my class had swimming lessons, I didn’t get to go. Well. I didn’t go the first time, when we were all about seven years old. Mum didn’t want me to go to the local pool, I’m not terribly clear on why. Two years later, my class was going for swimming lessons again. This time, Mum let me go, and I went, and learned how to hold my breath underwater – I know, big challenge – and float on my front, and float on my back with a spotter, and kick while I floated, and I earned myself a little badge.

My next encounter with swimming lessons came in high school, when it was part of my phys ed class. I went and pretty much relearned what I’d learned when I was nine, except they taught me how to front crawl too.

I know swimming is possible for humans.

I know the movements involved in swimming.

And yet, I do not know how to swim. When it comes down to it, I just don’t trust myself not to sink like a stone, so I tense up, and then I sink like a stone. Even when I’m wearing a lifevest – sorry, personal floatation device – I don’t entirely trust that to keep me afloat.

Maybe someday I’ll learn to relax, and then I can put all that theory I’ve got in my head to good use and paddle around as effortlessly as a fish.

Until then – I’ll be that nervous-looking one standing at the water’s edge, nervously eyeing the shallows.

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