Big natural teenage breasts
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Okay guys, it’s been AGES since I’ve posted Bailey from Bailey’s Room!!! To be honest, she had kind of fallen off of my radar, until I was reminded in my comments section a few weeks ago!!! So, enjoy this new BaileysRoom gallery! She’s definitely a cutie!!!!
If you want something a little more hardcore, those preview galleries at the top of my blog look pretty decent tonight!! And of course, there’s always GirlsAreSexy!

I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to get up in the morning over the past week or so, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

I’ve been getting about the same amount of sleep at night – roundabout seven or eight hours. That should be plenty!

I’ve been going to bed roundabout the same time as always. I’ve been wakened roundabout the same time as always.

And now, it’s summertime, so the sun is up earlier, which should help in shaking off sleepiness and whatnot.

And yet, when the alarm clock rings, all I want to do is fling it out the window and roll over and drift back to dreamland!

Maybe it’s because I had a bunch of chores I needed to tackle today. Plus I had some marking to finish up. Lame…

Enjoy the big breasted teen baileysroom gallery!!!

9 Responses to “Baileys Room – Big natural teen breasts”
  1. Christopher says:

    mmm…I absolutely adore Bailey. She is one of the hottest half asians that I have ever seen. Thank you for posting more of her. I missed seeing her here. Does she ever do full nudity or hardcore?

  2. Kaori says:

    Christopher: She is very cute, but she doesn’t take her panties off… yet!! And most certainly no hardcore!
    I’d prefer to see her hardcore to RealPeachez’s!

  3. josh says:


    Juz a few wordz 2 d-scribe this half ching bimbo.

  4. blabla says:

    If this is a teen, my granny is 25.

  5. thedarklord says:

    bailey has a boy friend now

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