Asian girl Skinny Dipping
Click the picture to see an Asian girl skinny dipping!

Asian girl Skinny Dipping

Asian girl Skinny Dipping
Click the picture for a sexy gallery of an asian teen nude skinny dipping!

Okay guys, here’s another hot gallery of ILoveSuki – a sexy asian cam teen that now has her own website! She has an interesting choice of tattoos, and a fully shaved pussy (which still isn’t *too* common on Asian girls). ILoveSuki is sexy, and I hope that she’ll branch out into girl/girl and hardcore soon!

Anyways… Sugar high!!
For several years now, cupcake boutiques have started popping up, and they must be doing swift and prosperous business, because they’re not going anywhere, and are starting to expand their operations – one no longer has to venture into trendy areas with tricky-to-find on-street parking to find these shops, they’re starting to appear in regular malls, and more suburban type shopping complexes.

When I first heard about these places, I wondered what kind of market there was for cupcakes. Clearly, there is a pretty big one. Since the stores have gotten more accessible, I’ve also had the opportunity to see some of these gourmet fancy cupcakes in person.

Yes, they are pretty. They are fairly large, considering they’re cupcakes, and they have an impressive mountain of icing on top, artfully and delicately swirled. I’ll be honest – they are really, really tempting treats.

I’ve never bought one for myself, though. In my mind, it seemed silly to spend something on the order of $3 for a single cupcake, no matter how decadent the thing appears. After all, I can make a batch of two dozen cupcakes at home for probably just over $3. Sure, that requires more time and effort, and they’re small, and I don’t bother with an icing bag for the full fancy swirl on top – mostly I feather the icing on with a butter knife, thicker than my mother does, but not as thick as these shops do, and then toss some candy sprinkles on top. So they’re not as big. That just means I get to eat two.

But it’s been a long time since I’ve made cupcakes. When you make a batch of two dozen, that means that suddenly there are 24 cupcakes in your home that need to be eaten in a fairly limited time frame. Eating six cupcakes in a single day is not something I want to be admitting I’ve done in my lifetime, so I haven’t made cupcakes for a while.

A little over a week ago, someone bought one of these fancy gourmet cupcakes for me, as a treat, and, well, it’s sort of been on my mind ever since. It was a red velvet cupcake, with cream cheese frosting on top, and it was pretty decadent. I was a very happy girl as I munched on that cupcake. So happy that I’ve been entertaining thoughts of venturing out to the shop to buy a single cupcake just for me, as a treat for successfully existing.

The thing is, and this is a big part of why I haven’t stepped foot into that shop yet, I know myself. I know that these places charge a smaller fee per cupcake if you buy more than one during your visit. Buying a half dozen nets you a small discount, buying a full dozen nets you a bit more. The place my red velvet cupcake came from does three levels of savings, with the lowest per-cupcake price being on orders of four dozen or more – I believe it worked out to something like $2.15 per cupcake, as opposed to the singleton price of $2.95. I am exactly the type of person who will buy something in bulk if possible if this means getting a better price on individual units, though perhaps common sense will kick in and tell me that 48 cupcakes is really way, way too many cupcakes for a two or three day period.

Still. I’d want to buy at least a half dozen, probably a dozen. Just for me. And we’re right back in that place where I’m shamefully admitting to having eaten six cupcakes in a day. Only now, they’re not the smallish, homemade variety, they’re the deluxe jumbo store-bought variety.

I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to do it anyway.
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5 Responses to “Asian girl Skinny Dipping”
  1. 4hourslave says:

    I’m glad this girl is becoming a regular on your blog :) I’d also love to see her do some hardcore and work with other girls!

    I’ve never seen a cupcake boutique before. When you say big, how big do you mean? The size of your hand? Or maybe held with two hands? Paying $3 for a single cupcake does seem kind of silly.

    • Kaori says:

      4hour: She’s a regular… for now… 😀 If she continues being boring, she gets the boot!
      Um. Bigger than my hand! Definitely requires 2 hands to hold it….. They’re deluxe though!

      Jason: I think comfort food is okay, but comfort sex is better!!! You should post a link for us to see 😀

      Jim: Super soft skin! I think her skin is probably softer than mine… Mine has a naturally darker tone….. I’d definitely like to cuddle up naked with her under a blanket!!
      How long has it been since I went skinny dipping? Considering my last vacation was in Alaska – a *long* time!

      Pat: Yeah, she’s not ‘gorgeous’, yet she’s somehow appealing! I think it’s more of a natural look. As for wacky tobacky. Um. I’m not sure if it’s legal – I *think* it’s a fineable offense? Apparently 17% of ‘us’ have smoked it!
      Everybody has told me that sex on ‘shrooms’ sucks 😀 Sorry!!! 😀
      Nope – i’ve been a good girl – porn is my outlet! I do love nasty porn.
      Ew. unattractive live sex. Ew.
      you’ll have to wait a *little* longer! I’m so tired and busy! I want to have time to enjoy it rather than just whip through it!

  2. Jason says:

    I tend to eat chocolate of other sweets when I’m feeling a bit run down. I probably shouldn’t though.

    Suki is cute. I like skinny dipping myself, although “skinny” isn’t how I can describe myself.

  3. Jim says:

    Suki looks like she has very soft skin. Dont you just want to caress your hand on her just like a fresh baked cupcake. I dont mind paying $3 for a cupcake as long as it is a really good one. And i figure if i just want one it saves the time of making them at home. How long has it been since you went skinny dipping? See you in the water!

  4. Pat The Bat says:

    I, too, like Suki. She has an unusual look, but, it’s a sexy one! Of course, I have the same complaint as everyone else… I want to see her get naughty!

    Back to your comments yesterday… It’s funny that you bring up cigarettes, because, I’ve never had one either! I do, however, like to smoke the “wacky tobacky”! I figured that since it was somewhat legal in Canada (right?), maybe you might partake every once in a while! And, in fairness, I put mushrooms in the same category. They’re both pretty safe, and “all natural”, and…. LOT’S OF FUN! :) I watched Alice in Wonderland (the new one) and The Dark Chrystal (a crazy Jim Henson puppet movie) while tripping on shooms, and they were pretty crazy! I’ve never watched porn (or masturbated, for that matter) while tripping before, but, I bet it’s fun! And, I bet sex is just AMAZING! (wanna try?!?!) :)

    So, have you ever smoked weed? Or done any “illegal substance”? I bet you’d be fun to get stoned and watch some nasty porn with. 😉

    Oh, and, the sex show was a little disappointing, but, still quite an experience! Unfortunately, the performers were pretty unattractive, so, I can’t say I got turned on in any way. But, it was definitely a great story! I’ll tell you more later…this comment is already long enough!

    PS: Still waiting…. :)

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