Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of a sexy Asian Bunny! I know that Easter was a while ago, but I’m not sure that this gallery will still be available next easter. It’s getting posted!
I sort of have the feeling that I’ve posted this shaved, big breasted amateur before.. If so, she’s still worth posting again!

Anyway, such gratitude…

I’ve managed to keep up somewhat decently with my increased water intake, though for the past few days I’ve only managing to get in two extra glasses of water a day. The strategy of having a glass of water any time you will be sitting and working for a bit sort of falls apart when you end up running around doing all sorts of errands.

Anyway. One thing that I’ve noticed with the increased drinking is increased peeing. This should not be surprising. I have some rudimentary understanding of how the body works, and I know that what goes in gets processed and then comes back out again. I was, however, also under the impression that I had pretty formidable bladder control and wickedly efficient kidneys. The newly available evidence suggests that what I actually had was an underused urinary system.

So I’ve been having more, um, pit stops. Including when I am at work. And often, one of my trips happens to coincide with the time window when one of the custodial staff is just finishing the cleaning of the restrooms.

Now, I appreciate the custodial staff at my workplace – they do a pretty good job, things seem pretty decently clean. Not phenomenally clean – I wouldn’t want to lick the floors or anything – but nothing appears to be gross, and that’s pretty impressive considering the hundreds of people who traipse through the premises daily. So I end up feeling particularly guilty when I need to make use of the facilities right after they’ve been cleaned, while the person who cleaned them is still in the area.

Nothing says gratitude like peeing all over someone’s hard work.

Enjoy the sexy Asian teen dressed in a costume!

13 Responses to “Asian Bunny”
  1. Jason says:

    Hmm, tell me this will be your Halloween outfit this year Kaori. I’ll have a special treat for you.

    Some people don’t mind being peed on. Don’t worry about it.

  2. Barry says:

    You get a clean restroom. And you justify their job.
    This is also a good sign with your water intake. The rule of thumb is if you have to go more often you were getting enough water. I don’t think you need to drink more water.

    You sure that’s not you in the pictures. She looks real good and fun to be around.

    Is it warm there yet? We’ll have highs in the upper 80’s (30-31) Monday and Tuesday but only 60 (16) on Friday. Wild roller coaster.

  3. Mike says:

    Nice gallery =P

    She has a really pink pussy

    It’s their job to clean, if it wasn’t clean you couldn’t do your job in the washroom.

  4. Sean says:

    Kaori, Are you still alive?

  5. Jason says:

    Forgotten about us?

  6. joris says:

    かおりさん、あなたは日本のAV産業に興味があるか。私はぜひあの産業に興味あるから、近時見た映画「Nude」(ヌード) は随分面白いだ。「Nude」はAV女優「みひろ」の自伝的小説の映画化だ。渡辺奈緒子は主演する。
    Hope that made any sense, I am struggling to write some passable Japanese, but have you ever heard of, or seen this movie?

  7. Names says:

    I hate it when you get busy.




  8. M.B. says:

    Sending good wishes your way for whatever has led to your absence.

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