Ariel Rebel Sucking
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Okay – you guys wanted more Explicit Ariel Rebel, how’s this gallery for you? ^_^ You get to see Ariel Rebel’s fully shaved pussy as she eats a watermelon.. And sucks on her finger, hence the title! You thought it would be Ariel Rebel sucking something better, didn’t you? ^_^

I did up one of the packages of cheater cookie mix today – peanut butter cookies. It’s not quite as cheater as a tube of pre-mixed cookie dough would be – this stuff is more like cake in a box, so you get a packet of powder to which you add an egg, some oil, and some water, and then stir them all together into a dough. Then you shape the dough into little one inch diameter blobs, and place them on a cookie sheet – lined with parchment paper, of course, unless you like washing cookie sheets or having to scrape off your baking – and flatten them out. The package says to use a fork, but I found the dough too sticky to do this, so I just used my fingers. ^_^ The package makes 36 cookies. 24 of this batch are cooling on a wire rack as I type. The remaining 12 are enjoying their last minute in the warmth of the oven. ^_^

I hope they’re good. ^_^

Whoops – time to pull the last 12 out of the oven! ^_^

Enjoy Ariel Rebel!

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