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My debut review is going to be of my favorite website to date! shows a bunch of cute euro girls (you know – the thin, toned, sexy ones!!!) partying at a male strip club!!!
And of course, it MUST be in Europe, because I’ve never seen a full fledged orgy break out at any strip clubs I’ve been to! :)

The most us Canadian girls have ever been allowed to do is a little touch or lick!!!! Of course occasionally the straight male dancers will get his hands down our pants, but it never goes any further than that!!!! Partyhardcore is just unreal!

Partyhardcore changes all that! You get to see hot male strippers seducing even hotter young women.

partyhardcore link

I LOVE this stuff!!!!! It’s my favorite kind of porn. Real girls getting drunk and shedding their inhibitions, acting more like men, taking care of their OWN fantasies!!! I WISH there was a club like this in Montreal! I’d be there every weekend!!! Partyhardcore looks so cool!
MMMmmmm… nothing like licking the whipcream off a big stripper cock!

If you want access to their entire network, you can check Eromaxx network!

A full membership here includes access to:
DrunkSexOrgy for you group sex / drunk girl orgy porn!
PartyHardcore for your true amateur party girls getting fucked by male strippers!
PeeSquad for all you golden shower fans

Plus a few more sites that are quite decent!
Check out the gallery.

Now, about the Partyhardcore site itself. They update every week, including 400 pictures, and a 200mb divx AVI of the current party. Each party takes a month to be fully posted, and consists of 80 minutes of high resolution video.
They have more sample pictures and videos on their website.

The girls DO have sex with the strippers, and they do TRULY look like real amateurs!! Unlike what I’ve noticed on several other sites!!! (That being said, recently Partyhardcore has been looking a little fake – but they’re getting back to the amateur stuff)

Hummm, maybe I’ll need to try another male strip club here, and see what I can get away with! :) Or, hire a private dancer for a bachelorette party……. The best part about being a girl is ladies night!


oh my god!! partyhardcore stripper sex

stripper blowjobs??!!

Click on the pictures to be directed to the website!! Join it, you’ll love it! I have a 1 year membership!

Here are some free Partyhardcore galleries that I’ve designed for you –
Click Here for the Gallery

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  2. yaman says:

    very nis

  3. Dave says:

    If you like parties like that come over to Europe! In Berlin is a nice electronic music club where they ask you to take off some clothes at the entrance. This is the first step for the orgy to start… without strippers, just fun loving people.

    Check it out:

    Ciao, Dave

  4. phobe says:

    I wanna try

  5. gg says:

    what a shame on you!world is getting worst

  6. jaxammar says:

    good , i am eager to fuck someone

  7. ????? says:

    Girl give that puuuuuuuuuuusie

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