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LoverboysUSA is what first got me addicted to porn… About 2 years ago, me and a friend were planning a bachelorette party for another friend (we were the bridesmaids), and we thought it may be fun to have a male stripper show up!!!

Problem was, we had no idea where to find a stripper, or how much it would cost. The phonebook was full of girl strippers, but that didn’t seem as fun!! (at the time! :))

Anyways, the internet was our answer, and we stumbled upon this little gem!!! After looking through the previews, I was hooked. It just blew my mind that these guys were willing to have their dicks sucked by so many different women, and that the women were actually encouraged to do it!!!
(On second thought, I guess they ARE guys!! :))

Sucking strippers behind the towel

Unfortunately, the stripper idea fell through (the bride invited her entire family to the bachelorette party -grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins, etc…)

It’s too bad, cause this looks like fun!!!!
Playing with the stripper

Another difference between partyhardcore and loverboys, is there isn’t as much sex at loverboys. There IS a small backstage area where you see a few girls take it all the way (lucky girls!), but it’s rare…
It’s mostly handjobs, blowjobs, etc… I love the scene where a bride-to-be sucks off 3 different strippers… talk about having fun before her wedding!!!! *jealous*

Eitherway, enjoy a few more pics.. Click on one to see the rest of the previews, and remember, if you like the site, please join it by clicking on a link from my webpage!! (eg, click on the banner, or any picture, and then proceed to the join area!).

Playing with the stripper


With a friend!

Oh mom!!!!

Her panties might come off! :)
These panties come off

Mmmm.. Whipcream

And is this a mother/daughter pair?? Looks like mom doesn’t like seeing her daughter sucking off the stripper!! :)

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Note that they also have preview movies available when you click on a picture.

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