Okay guys, following in the footsteps of Mylie Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens, Adrienne Bailon from the Disney Production ‘The Cheetah Girls’ has had some nude photos stolen… and of course, here they are!
Go to my related links, and you can find the Vanessa Hudgens and Mylie Cyrus stolen pictures as well… I just wish these Adrienne Bailon ones were a little more explicit!!! Where’s Adrienne Bailon’s pussy! Let me know if you have the pics!

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11 Responses to “Adrienne Bailon – Stolen pictures from Cheetah Girls (Disney)”
  1. IFuckAmy says:

    K baby: When would we find your pics stolen?

  2. CS says:

    Is that a tat on her ass or a Birthmark? Also where did they go? The thumbs exist but not the pictures themselves.

  3. Amy says:

    when a girl keeps her bra ..and drops her panty ..she’s saying ..

  4. Kaori says:

    IFA: Well, I did have some pics leak onto the internet once.. which is why I’m so careful now!!! It’s amazing the demand for asian amateur pics – especially ones that look westernized!!!!!

    CS: That’s a Tat… sorry about the pic mixup.. It’s fixed now! Darn case-sensitivity!

    Amy: “I’m proud of my big, fat, ass??” Although technically, she has some pretty nice curves… just a little chunky :)

  5. IFuckAmy says:

    K baby: Would those leaked pics find their way onto my mail box?

  6. Nikki says:

    This isn’t surprising at all, Disney is just childporn with laws. I also believe that the blonde from the cheetah girls appears nude Masters of Horror: the screwfly solution, but theres no problem with that, she is in her twenty’s.

  7. Jim says:

    were you totally nude in your leaked pics? whew..3am my time back to sleep for me!

  8. Kaori says:

    oops! Looks like my new server doesn’t have the comments..
    guess you all missed out on whether those pics were nude or not! ^_^

  9. Kaori says:

    IFA: Hahaha, they might.. but probably not from me! ^_^

    Jim: Unfortunately, yes I was.. I even occasionally stumble on to one or two of them.. luckily my face isn’t really prominent in them…

  10. Leann says:

    i really can’t believe she would ever do anything like this!
    i thought that she was so much more than this!
    i guess i was wrong?

    i really don’t care if they were for her boy friend or not if her boyfriend needs these to know that she is beautiful there is a problem with his sight!

    B/C she is very pretty!!

  11. Oguz & Yusuf says:

    ay allahım cok guzel bu kadın yaaa very wonderfulllllll 😀 we from turkey . Adrienne bailon is very very very very very perfect ! 😀 (L) i want to hardcore fck 😀 (L)(L)

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