About Me!!!

Well, what is there to say about me?
I was born in Tokyo, and moved to Montreal when I was 10. I speak Japanese at home, and English at school. Although I’ve lived in Montreal for 12 years now, my french is very bad!!!!!!
I’m 22 years old, female (or at least, I was the last time I checked!)…
Here”s some juicy picks of my sexy asian ass! :)

My XXX Blog's cute ass - Kaoriย Kaori from MyXXXBlog.com bentover!

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Kaori 2006 Christmas pictures here
Kaori 2007 Christmas pictures here
Kaori 2008 Christmas pictures here
Kaori 2009 Christmas pictures here
Kaori 2010 Christmas pictures here
Kaori 2011 Christmas pictures here

Random Kaori pictures are here

My favourite TV shows are:
Better Off Ted, Community, Two and a Half Men, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Bones, House, The Simpsons

Now I’m sure you want to know the juicy stuff….
1. Am you addicted to porn?
Yes! We’ll blame it on my japanese genetics! :)
2. Am you a virgin?
Ummmm…. no?? :)
3. How many guys have you had sex with?
None of your business!! More than 4 however :)
4. Do you shave?
Yup, or wax (OUCH!!!)
5. Why do you run this blog?
Well, I like porn, I like writing, it’s a nice way to spend my time! :) Plus, if you guys sign up to any of the sites through my links, I get a little bit of cash!!! This greatly helps me going to school!!! (Working is hard in Montreal when you don’t speak French!!! :))

Now for a picture!! (Yes, I KNOW I should have cut the tag out of my panties before taking it :))
picture of my cute asian bum at myxxxblog.com

If you want to know more, leave a comment with your question! :) I don’t have any tattoos, I don’t usually swallow, I don’t have any abnormal piercings! :)

And just for fun, here””s another popular picture of my cute bum! :)
Kaori's Cute bum

Want to see my bush??
kaori unshaved pussy

Here’s a picture of me looking at the heart shaped hole in my new bikini bottoms!
sexy asian bikini bottoms cute bum myxxxblog.com

I also now have a profile up on adult friend finder…
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Kaori from MyXXXBlog.com in her nightie!

157 Responses to “About Me!!!”
  1. pops says:

    i want to see your pussy

  2. Jake Peters says:

    How about your face?

  3. Jim says:

    Wow…….! I havent looked at your “about me” section in a while. Nice arrangement of your pics. I just love………….your bush pic!!!

  4. will says:

    great work. nice pics too. The Melissa midwest bits were great. keep up the great work.

  5. Dirty sanchez says:

    Hiya, your feet r so sexy…pls more feet pics ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. masamania says:


    i just found this blog today – lucky me!

  7. sara says:

    wow u are very sexxy and it seems like u have a really great personality!!! that bush pic was da bomb!!!!!! you should add more and try 2 add ur face!!!!!! but ya for the most part keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. maria says:

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  9. Gillan says:

    You finally posted a bush shot…god It’s been too long since I’ve checked the blog

  10. Dj_FuaT says:

    heyy sexyyy pls add me your msn ok??? solak_fuat@hotmail.com

  11. IFuckAmy says:

    Glad I found this blog. You seem smart and sexy. How tall are you? Will you show your pussy?

  12. Steve says:

    Wow, you are smoking hot. Hotter than any of the girls on the websites you post.

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  14. Chaquilla says:

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    Put more pics of ur pussy, face n’ tits

  15. Amazing says:

    Hey Kaori, hows it going?
    Nice and sexy blog. Keep up the good work;)

  16. Alex says:

    You are brave girl! I’m proud of you

  17. Brian says:

    Kaori, I’m from Australia, you are a real pearl . Please do a baby doll neglige pic for us guys, or a see-through teaser. And yes the partyhardcore.com site is incredible. Can only happen in Prague where the laws are more liberal. The vids would be sued anywhere else, being amateur chicks. Never seen so many girl-next-door type chicks wanting cum on their faces or the whole bit. QUESTION: What do YOU think a man’s cum tastes like and why do chicks like it in the face so much? Please reply

  18. Count says:

    Hey Kaori,

    I’m diggin’ your blog. I want you to add me to your blogroll – if you have one. I was so busy checking out the sites I didn’t even notice. I’m an author and freelance writer, but more recently I’ve discovered away to make money with porn so I’m trying to network.

    I see you a busy gal so just holla when you can.


  19. Dwight says:

    So what do you do for a living I would like to get to know you better

  20. Kaori says:

    Brian: Thanks for the compliment – I’ll see what I can do about the pic.. as for the questions, I think we only do it because guys like it!!! Those of us that REALLY like it, just enjoy it because it’s dirty!

    Dwight: I’m a student!

    Everybody else, thanks for the compliments!

  21. danny says:

    i agree with dirty sanchez, definately more feet pics

  22. gaijin says:


    A lot of Asian chicks are cute, but you are SMOKIN’ HOT!!!

    I spent a couple years in Japan, but I was disappointed with the girls there, so preoccupied with being so dang skinny, and being “kawaii” all the time. Pretty girls seem to always act stupid over there, and the sexual fetishes seem to be rape, bondage, underage girls, and basically the female always submitting to the man. To see such a beautiful Asian girl with so much intelligence and confidence is a huge turn-on! Forget about the other porn pics you post, I wanna know more & see more of you!

  23. Dave says:

    You are very hot. If it weren’t illegal I would offer a lot of money for a night with you.

  24. Pat says:

    Hey Kaori, great pr0n updates, but I also find your blogging interesting – you should consider organising the site so both coexist more happily :) Why aren’t there more 22yr old women like you in Aus *sigh*
    PS not going to fawn over how gorgeous you are, I’m sure you already know.

  25. mjolner says:

    A bush shot is not a bush shot if you can’t at least see the glans clitoris (I like to sucky sucky licky licky long long time) none the less I give the pic a perfect 10,or my #1 fav bush shot.

  26. Namesused says:

    Hi Kaori,

    I’ve been following your blog for ages, now.

    It would be great for those of us who worship you if you added a “me” category to all of the pictures of you. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent worrying that I’ve missed THE picture where you decided to show what we’re all dying to see.



  27. Ned says:

    Kaori, may I ask what your thoughts on phonessex are? Have you tried it (that’s a y/n question not a phishing attempt for a story). Do you think it;s different than porn?

  28. anon says:

    wheres a picture of your face?

  29. kingbeata says:

    wow lil shawty sexy ass lips( : really tho you have nice hair on your head keep up those greAt teasez ya dig get at me shawty

  30. Connor says:

    the questions should actually be “are you” instead of “am you” as it is right now

    but hey, your damned hot so we can just forget about that…

  31. Nikki says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I love your site. :) I also wanted to know what your sexual orientation is. (Curiosity)

    P.s, I like your booty. lol.

  32. andy says:

    hey babe
    u got msn??
    add me

  33. Lol at the people asking you to add them on msn… I guess. You’ve got a good body there, too bad you seem to be afraid to show your face.

  34. D says:


    your cool

    omfg i think it would be kick ass to chat with you
    we can spend the late and early hours of the day talking nerdily on an instant message shit, and fawn over porn like a fatty drools over the food channel.

  35. Tamam says:

    today was the first time i came across your site. pretty neat. It seems we have alot in common. Similar language situation. same age, same porn addiction, both studying, and i also moved across the world when i was 10. :) we are a rare breed! your body is great. i bet you have a really pretty face, discression?

  36. beedy says:

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    I must say, you are a serious heart breaker, smart, witty and sensuous. Are you at all interested in exchanging pics and playing a little? Let me know.

  39. Twig says:

    Kaori, welcome to the club – I am also a sex addict and just came by looking at your pics. If I could only do it all the time!

    Do you masturbate when you look at porn?

    Join me on the community s…. so we can do a webcam session – interested?

  40. ewin says:

    Gw jadi konak , pengen ngentot. tapi ngetot ama siapa yak, untuk cewek yang punya memek dan lagi gatel pengen di entot. silahkan kontak gw.

  41. AJ says:

    Kaori, do you like anal?

  42. paul says:

    woah that knife was a random surprise at the end of hte picture sequence…a surprise like: sexy, sexy, sexy… se..OMFG a knife..eh still sexy haha.

    Just curious as to why it’s there?

  43. thor says:

    hey ur site is so sexy, like u , i was thinking in making a blog or something and then i found urs, do u think u can help me getting started? like where should i subscribe, or things like that, it would be so nice :)

  44. Big says:

    hey there! i love your blog! but why aren’t there more pics of you? :) do you have more pics of yourself? you can email me ๐Ÿ˜‰ i’ll review them for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    keep up the good work honey ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. eric cartmann says:

    will you pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase post a full nud e pic of yourself? p.s. what is your star sign?

  46. IFuckAmy says:

    K.A.O.R.I. = Kick Aass Oriental pOrn Idol

    Show ur Pink Ass?

  47. Tony Vancouver says:

    Thankyou Kaori, I will check back to see how this evolves. I am a lover of oriental women .Vancouver is a smorgasborg and I have eaten a few ,yumi.

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  50. timmy? says:

    What is the meaning of life?

  51. Nikki says:

    Sex, oh theres also living too, but that takes the back seat.

  52. SirMarjAlot says:

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    I’ve been married to a thai girl for 10 yrs. we think your beautiful. we have some pics we would like to share with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. khai says:

    Too much politics with ‘bush’ thing.. even nature got corrupted ๐Ÿ˜
    anyhow, aren’t you a bit obsessed with your ass? it’s pretty, but your face must be even prettier than that :/

  55. UCLA says:

    Wow! You’ve been blogging for awhile . . . impressed. Hot pics, very sexy. And you are right about working in Montreal and not speaking good francais (I was at McGill for a year). I too luv partyhardcore – best “reality” porn on the net. Do those Chech (sp?) ladies know they are internet porn superstars?!?!?! The “regular” ladies get into it and next thing they are suckin’ and fuckin’ along with the pros in the crowd. Hilarious and hot! NExt time I wanna spend $40 on their subscription I’ll join thru you. Keep bloggin’!

  56. Zrhoshame says:

    The porn stuff is interesting (why else would I have found the site to begin with, eh? hehe) but I must admit it’s the everyday blogging that I’ve come to enjoy. Kudos to you for taking this beyond “Hey look at the **** on that ****!”. On that note, if you want some wicked recipes to try out, feel free to e-mail me- I’m a kitchen wizard extraordinare :-)

  57. raja says:

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  58. Randy says:

    Huh. Reading the comments here i notice how moronic my fellow men are. I don’t understand how a girl can like such disrespectful and crude comments. Then again i don’t understand why most men can’t control themselves when they see a nude girl. Whether it be by action or verbal response, it is still crude and disrespectful.

    By the way, a body is nothing without a face. Your body is nice, but would have more beauty with a beautiful face to be seen rather than being hidden. Or do you cover up your face as not to get recognized from this site?

  59. ryan says:

    just wondering if you like anal?
    also, have you ever done any porno films or pictures professionally?

  60. mitcHell says:

    No, she never has, and she does not like anal.

  61. chimera says:

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  64. austin says:

    u turn me on id love it if u sent some pix maybe ill return the fav

  65. R says:

    I can’t find you on AdultFriendFinder :(

  66. marius says:

    just found ur blog great pics. u should think about adding more revealing pics of yourself. I would love that. help a navy guy out

  67. Zed says:

    I love amateur porn. But I find myself getting distracted by the backgrounds, which often feature items lying on the floor, furniture covered with various junk, and in various states of disorder, clutter, and general disarray ,and I think to myself…. who ARE these people, didnt anyone ever teach them to pick up after themselves? Now after admiring your witty posts, I see you trying on your cute panties (with the tag on), and then I see it: plastic bags on the floor, boxes strewn about, piles of stuff. Arent japanese supposed to be clean and orderly? Help me out here, Im not even a neat freak. I just want to see your cute lil bod!

  68. Sean says:

    Kaori, update this thing!

  69. wksrichycreamluvr says:

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  71. C-U Kaori-fan says:

    Just got a Blackberry myself. And what do ya know the best blogsite I come accross happen’s to be by a chica that is quite interesting. Interesting how your site never stops growing. Kudos to you. I,ll try an foolow your stories as long as I remain curious. Kinda makes me want a blog myself. Hmm, you remind me a tad of my best friend. Heh. She’s adventurous he too. Keep writing please.

  72. C-U says:

    I wonder… what do you consider abnormalities for a woman between 18 (best friend’s age) and 23 (girl back home who wants me around).
    Personally… I dunno anymore, I used to have preferences, but when I met the two I jus hinted about… my preference fell to generally whatever they were.
    I doubt they’d fall in your interest type tho, but then again, who knows.

  73. bert says:

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  82. vicki says:

    Hey babe,

    I just found you, and I LOVE your blog! I need to spend some time reading over your back posts.

    XOXO from wickedville!

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  86. Dave says:

    Interesting blog, and nice pics ๐Ÿ˜›
    I live in Montreal as well, wonder if I’ve ever bumped into you ๐Ÿ˜›

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    Konnichiwa, Kaori-san!
    (Sorry, I watch too much anime, lol)

    How are you? I stumbled upon your blog by chance and I think you’re awesome, haha. When I read your “About Me” section, it surprised me a little ’cause I live in a little city close to Montrรฉal and I’m also 22 years old.

    I’d really like to be your friend and chat with you online. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me!!!

    Cya ^_^

  90. Nat Peach says:

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  92. Darrin says:

    Dear Kaori,

    Your name is really cute by the way. And I must say that I’m impressed with the fact that as a woman you can openly admit that you’re as equally enamored with pornography as the average Joe is.

    The reason for my commenting is to ask if you would be willing to trade some of your videos online with me anonymously. Because I have amassed a large collection of high-quality, full-length, high-rated videos that I’m sure you would want to have. The one that I’m interested in trading with you in particular is titled Heavy Metal (#1) and features Leanni Lei in it. Try as I have I can’t seen to find it online in its entirety. So when you can please get back to me at your earliest convenience with weather or not you want to browse my collection and take your pick of what I have. Hope to hear from you soon, love. Get back to me with an IM.

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  93. DJ Stroodle says:

    Yummy! Maybe I should leave Manitoba and head to Quebec

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    Hello Kaori, I found your blog and congratulations, wonderful my Chinese girl-friend enjoy your blog too, she looks a little bit alike you :-*

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  124. DavidK says:

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    Do you prefer circumcised or uncircumcised?

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  126. DocSavage says:

    Hey, awesome blog its gonna help get me through this wack-ass deployment to iraq and speed up the carpal tunnel process. I love the random banter after the galleries description, my favorite so far is how you eat oreos, that was adorable. thanks for yet another vice to focus my insomnia on.

  127. Les says:

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  128. quietone says:

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  129. James says:

    @ Kaori:
    Hey Kaori! I love the work and your photos. Id love someone to talk to about sex. i am a virgin and advice is good. and maybe you could answer a question i have about my dick. thanks!

  130. Sean says:

    @ James: Yes, James, 2 inches is too short.

  131. truefriend2you says:

    Kaori, why would you feel the need to express yourself in such a self-loathing way? It’s not a judgement of you, more like an assessment. Ultimately judgement will be left up to you when you’re alone in bed, when the lights are out and you assess your own life. What this is IS a reflective question posed to you in order for you to momentarily STOP! and consider if this is what you REALLY want to be doing, why you’re doing it, and if this is what you dreamed about becoming when you were a little girl back in Tokyo.

    This IS NOT a God-freak sermon. I don’t believe in God, and quite frankly couldn’t care less if there is one. What I do care about is people. People like yourself, TRULY doing things that will help them in BECOMING the person they dreamed of being, BEFORE some things in their life made them believe they were not worthy of their deepest and loftiest desires. You know the ones I’m talking about. The dreams that made you feel special. The dreams that made you believe that you could do ANYTHING your heart desired. The dreams that made your heart beat stronger, your lungs breathe deeper, made you feel that you were unstoppable and could literally fly! The ones that made you feel that you were valuable and somebody worthy of respecting yourself and through that self-respect, respected by others. The dreams that made you feel about yourself, that you are a beautiful, strong, vibrant woman, who is capable of amazing things that can make your own life amazing, and through your own living brilliance, be inspiring to others to be their BRILLIANT BEST. And ultimately and completely loving yourself and being loved by others for just being who you TRULY are and in your heart of hearts, long to be.

    Good fortunes to you on your continued journey in life. Remember: each and every succeeding moment is a chance to stop – take a deep breath r two or three – assess where you are – and then take steps to make changes for the better in your own life. Your true friends won’t try to stop you, they’ll encourage you to be your best. BE YOUR BRILLIANT BEST!

    Much love.

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    My email is alpha.234@live.com

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    Any chance you might know of any links resources for TVQ’s Bleu Nuit videos? My wife and I live in the states and are looking for something a little more interesting.



  135. Mike says:

    This is pretty cool site you have here, at first i was just thinking it is just another site full of dirty pictures but then I noticed you actually write comments about it. Then I read your about me profile.

    Pretty cool stuff, never seen a girl blogger talk talk about porn and seemingly enjoy it. Pretty awesome trait , hopefully if i will find a gf that will enjoy this sort of hobby too!

    Have a great vacation!

  136. Joseph says:

    U have a nice ass and i love asian girls. they are hot. U r hot. Hotter than my wife. Sexy baby

  137. Tim says:

    Hi Kaori big fan been a follower of your blog since nearly the start like that you added the amateur stuff, what i wanted to ask is what is your psn name?

  138. fi5ty9 says:

    have followed your site for years. would love to hear you tell a tale about yourself getting dp’d or gangbanged. in the first person…how much you love cock and cum, swallowing, creampies, french kissing strangers, etc.

  139. D says:

    dear ms.kaori
    i stumbeled apon ur site while reasearching some stuff for a health prodject and usally im not into the whole porn thing (no affence) like nost of my friends but ur about me caught my eye and so i read ur post and found it very ammusing:). i looked at ur joke section to it was very funny. u should start a blog of just writing or maybe even a ).
    a fellow writer

  140. D says:

    opps sorry that was suppost to say “a chatroom (just a suggestion)”

  141. Chad says:

    Hi Kaori, I forget what exactly I was looking for when I stumbled across your blog, but I’m glad I did. There’s something refreshing about a sexy Japanese girl blogging the way that you do – half porn, half personal. We should chat some time. cg3139bb@gmail.com

  142. AJae says:

    Been awhile just stopped by to say Hi, love the new pics, thanks!

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  146. chris says:

    Love your website, but I’ve just realised there are no xmas photo’s of you from last year. DOes that mean we can expect not to get any of you this year as well? :(

  147. MtSoloTim says:

    Hi Kaori, Thanks again for finding those flashing photo’s for me. I never thought anyone reads what I write on here… and I think most of the men lliked it too.
    I will keep checking in. Also, I think your ass looks very nice. Hope you’re doing well in school…you should have your very own cable network show…maybe you could interview past , present and future porn stars…people like Sharon Mitchell.
    I could not believe it when I saw her in person… she did a benefit for the sex workers trade here in Portland,Oregon. Now, Ron Jeremy is out here too with his private swinging club. You should come to Portland, Oregon when you are done with school. Kaori’s you could begin a cable show here …and it would probably go national.

  148. M says:

    Be well and a merry christmas to you, O Mysterious Lady of the Internets

  149. jason says:

    you are so sweet and you always make me shoot out hot, creamy juice from my balls!

  150. Barry says:

    Still thinking of you. Happy Holidays!!

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