stunning asian
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After Dec. 15th, 2005, this gallery will be broken :(
This asian is STUNNING, but she has huge nipples! :) She’s definately NOT Japanese – probably indonesian… It’s unfortunate that she had a bit of a botched boob job, if done right, fake boobs can be ALMOST perfect..
For truly perfect breasts, you need good genetics, and an awesome workout routine to build up those pectoral muscles and make them nice and perky and round! :)

Anyways, this gallery is from asian4you (btw, click that link.. they have a wicked tour)…
And, I’m a bit upset…
The VERY last day you’ll be able to buy a membership there is Dec. 15th – as of January 15th, they’re shutting down!!!!!
So, enjoy it while you can :) They have some kinkyish hardcore stuff in their members area…

I don’t know WHY they’re shutting down either :( The email I recieved said that they wanted to build the BEST Asian website on the internet, and felt they had achieved that goal. And now that they’re there, the fun of running a website has run out, and that they’re now looking for new and exciting things to do outside the asian market..

Anyways, enjoy the free galleries while you can..

Okay, early update for you.. Since I have about 15 asian sets ready to post, I don’t need to surf for porn, get the thumbnails ready in photoshop, etc… I can just type out my little post when I’m bored, or waiting!!
You’re still not getting asian every day :) I can’t find enough ‘reality asian’, which I like! I prefer the normal girls – inititiations, strippers, paid for sex, etc.. But, there aren’t a lot of Japanese girls involved in that yet! :)
That being said, I do enjoy looking at beautiful asian models…

Anyways, I am in the lab, waiting for a participant who said he would be here at 4:30 PM.

Note the time. (5:05pm)

I’m getting worried about a no-show. I’ve been lucky so far – if he fails to appear, this will only be my first no-show.

Oop – phone rings. He’s here. Yippee! :)

4 Responses to “A simply stunning asian with HUGE nipples”
  1. Viviane says:

    Hell, mine are bigger than that. ;-D

  2. Jim says:

    To me,the best breasts are perky and round & not too big. No bigger than a c cup. And from a side view they should look so perky that they have a slightly turned up look. they should look like they carry their own weight without any need for a bra. Do you think it might be possible kaori to give us a glimpse of your nice breasts? Even if they are in a bikni top i would still love to see them!

  3. kc says:

    I like those titties. I can usually spot fakes and I think they real. you should ask her and make sure before you talk any more trash

  4. Kaori says:

    Viviane: feel free to send pictures! :)

    Jim: Humm, there is a picture of me on here at the beach… in a swimsuit :)
    I’ll get some better ones though..
    mine are definately not that big though :)

    KC: Look a little closer at the 8th picture, and tell me that they’re natural again :)

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