sexy chinese babe

Here’s another free asian gallery for you guys! :) This is a nice Chinese girl with a somewhat unshaved pussy! And… note the pigtails! :) BTW, have you ever noticed how Chinese and Japanese girls have puffier pussies? A more prominent pubic bone, etc? Just an observation! :)
Anyways, it was time for some more asian porn! I’m gonna go off and look at something a little more hardcore!!!

But first, here’s an excerpt from a song from one of my favourite cartoons – Animaniacs!

We will paint your ceiling for only $29.95!
How do we do it?Low overhead!
In fact, by the time we’re through, you’ll have nothing overhead!
And if you hire us, you have nothing in your head!
We paint ceilings, ceilings, and only ceilings!
(We don’t do floors ’cause they’re beneath us!)

I used to LOVE watching that show while it was on the networks – now though, it only plays at odd hours :( Oh well, I really should be looking at porn instead – oh, I mean… studying! :) And I need to work off all the sushi I ate tonight :)

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