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Normal looking blonde fucked by big black cock

Normal looking blonde fucked by big black cock
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Okay guys, here’s a semi-strange porn gallery. It’s a very average, regular looking woman getting fucked by a black guy. She doesn’t looked very ‘pornstar’ like. The set looks like it’s out of the 80’s, but I know for a fact that it was shot in the last 10 years. Laila Mason was born in 1986. It’s just something about her.. I’ve seen other XXX videos of hers that look just as retro.

Anyway, the elegance… The other night, I was fixing up dinner – homemade sweet potato ginger soup with some grilled sausage sliced up and dropped right into the soup.

I dished the soup into bowls, and then began slicing up the sausages… I deftly pierced the skin on one sausage with the tines of a fork, so that I could hold the thing steady as I worked on it with the knife. The sausage must have objected to my action, because it retaliated by spurting a jet of sausage juice, which left a trail of three greasy drops on the front of my shirt.
The visual.

This annoyed me. That being said, I do understand the sausage’s reaction – I’d be pretty ticked if someone stuck a fork in me, too.

I continued with the sausage slicing, with no further greasy mishaps, and proceeded to add the sausage to the bowls of soup. When I got to the last one, I thought I’d be clever and, rather than picking up the sausage pieces one or two at a time, I’d pick up the whole cutting board and sweep the sausage pieces neatly into the bowl.

The sausage pieces disagreed with my plan. Rather than tumbling in neatly, they sort of rolled around a bit, and I ended up dropping one on the countertop. Three of the others hit the soup like they were vying for the prize for best cannonball, and little splotches of soup scattered themselves over the countertop.

This was turning out to be a rather messy meal.

The final blow came as I finished off my bowl of soup, and I was settling back into my seat to enjoy my warm soup belly with TV, and I moved my arm so that my hand ended up brushing up against my shirt, and I noticed it felt damp. Perplexed, I looked down, and saw that somewhere along the way in my eating my soup, I had managed to dribble a bit of it down the front of my shirt, so there were now damp spots smelling faintly of sweet potato and ginger accompanying the spots of grease left behind by the insolent sausage.

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t eat out often…..
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